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1910 AD to 1919 AD
Events listed relate to Canadian women with a few extra items added to give the timeline perspective.

This timeline is not all inclusive.

The timeline  was fun to prepare and hopefully it will be fun to read.  Perhaps it will even be  useful.

Events listed are drawn from various sources including those listed on other areas of http://famouscanadianwomen.com

If you wish more information on the women listed in this timeline be sure and check out the birthdays listed in
"Do you share a birthday with a famous Canadian woman?"




1910 - Girl Guides of Canada holds its first meeting and is founded.

1910 - The federal Naval Service Bill creates Canada's Navy.

March 4, 1910 -
The Royal Canadian Navy is formed.

1910 - The Married Women’s Relief Act, which authorizes the Alberta courts  to give a widow part of her husband’s estate if he did not adequately provide for her.

1910 -
Province of Quebec legislates women textile working hours to fifty eight (58) hours per week. Source: http://niagara.com/`merrwill/trivia.html

1910 - Léonise Valois (1888-1936) is the 1st woman to publish poetry in the province of Quebec.

1910 - the Business and Professional Woman's Club is founded in Toronto.  Source: Business and Professional Women's official website. Accessed May 2013.

1910 -
The Socialist International, meeting in Copenhagen, established a Women's Day, international in character, to honour the movement for women's rights and to assist in achieving universal suffrage for women. The proposal was greeted with unanimous approval by the conference of over 100 women from 17 countries, which included the first three women elected to the Finnish parliament. No fixed date was selected for the observance.

1910 - The National Council of Women go public in favour of suffrage.
Source: Women in History; a timeline by Kirsten Smith, Postmedia News March 9, 2011.  

1910 - Heinz ketchup production begins in Leamington, Ontario. Source: Culinary Journey.

1910 - Georgina Binnie-Clark (1871-1947) offers to train any woman who wants to learn farming.
Sources: Encyclopedia of the Great Plains online (Accessed November 2012) : 100 more Canadian Heroines by Merna Forster (Dundurn, 2011)

Births 1910:
1910 -
Born Florence Diamond Bean (1910-1993)  journalist and active member Women's Institutes internationally
1910- -
Born Helen Kemp Frye (1910-1986) Academic,
1910 -
Born Laure Eva Rièse (1910-1996) 1st woman faculty member of University of Toronto to earn her PhD 1946.
1910 -
Born Constance Garner-Short (1910-1959) one of four women who were 1st lawyers called to the Bar in Quebec.
1910 -
Ester Binder (1910-2007) Social activist and community volunteer in Manitoba, member of the Order of the Buffalo Hunt.
1910 -
Born Doris Buckingham (1910-1988) a stage and radio actress who created Vancouver's Theatre Under the Stars
1910 - Born Sylvia Gelber (1910-2003)
feminist and Canadian United Nations delegate
1910 - Born Dorothy Macham (1910-2002) WW veteran nurse and nursing administrator. .
1910 -
Born Vera Lysenko (1910-1995), nurse, journalist and novelist.

1910 - Born Jean MacLean Reed (1910-  ) Nurse and artist from P.E.I.
February 14, 1910 - Born Doris Ogilvie (1919-2012) a deputy judge Juvenile and provincial courts and strong supporter of women's rights.
March 24, 1910 - Born
Joy Roberts-White (1910-2013) a broadcast journalist who worked for BBC, CBC, Reuters and CTV.
June 10, 1910 - Born Alice Elizabeth Jean Lunn 1910-1998) Librarian who first headed up cataloguing at the National Library of Canada.

June 14, 1910 -
Lucile Garner Grant (1910-2013) first woman hired as a stewardess by Trans-Canada Airlines.
July 19, 1910 -
Born Jean Wilson (1910-1933) North American Indoor speed skating champion and Olympic team medalist.
July 7, 1910 - Born Doris Jean McCarthy (1910-2010) acclaimed artist
August 6, 1910 - Born Rena Lasnier (1910-1991) poet
August 13, 1910 - Born Gwendolyn Ringwood (1910-1984) Governor General Award winner or outstanding service to Canadian Drama.
September 1, 1910 - Born Hilda Strike (1910 - 1989 ) Olympic medalist in 1932
November 17, 1910 - Born  Margaret MacDonald (1910-1968) Member of Parliament who filled the seat of her  husband.
November 26, 1910 - Born Aileen Alethea Meagher (1910-1987) medal winning track athlete

Deaths 1910:
February 26, 1910 -
Adelaide Hoodless (1857-1910) Social activist and founder of the Women's Institutes.
March 15, 1910 - Died
Marjory McLaren (MacLaren) 1830-1910)  volunteer and worker for the Women's Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church of Canada.
September 29, 1910 - Died
Matilda Edgar (1844-1910) historian.

1911 1911 - Maud Leonora Menten (1879-1960.) is the 1st Canadian woman to receive her medical doctorate. She received the degree from the University of Toronto.

1911 - The Saskatchewan Deserted Wives’ Maintenance Act requires husbands to pay support if they deserted their wives or forced them to leave.

March 19, 1911 -
1st international Woman’s Day is observed in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.

May 9, 1911 - A pregnant Angelina Napolitano (1883?-1924?) is convicted of murdering her abusive husband and sentenced to hang. There was a massive British and North American wide outburst of protest which caused reduction of the sentence to life in prison. Source: Franca Iacovetta . Angelina Napolitano , in Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Online edition ( Accessed July 2005)

June 22, 1911 - a monument to honour Laura Secord is unveiled at Lundy's Lane, Ontario. Source Jean Bannerman Leading Ladies Canada. Belleville, ON: Mika Publishing, 1977  pg 15

1911 - 
The Womens College Hospital and Dispensary is opened with 7 beds. Source: A history of Women's College http://sunnbrookandwomens.on.ca (Accessed February 2006)

1911 - The Proctor and Gamble Company develops hydrogenated vegetable shortening called Crisco. Source: Culinary Journey. submitted to Famous Canadian Women by Michelle de cevito, Cochrane, Ontario

1911 - The Ontario College of Art is established in Toronto Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects http://ubc.ca/okanagan/creative/links/timeline (accessed February 2006)

1911 - The New York Electric Exhibition introduces the world to electric skillets, grills, percs, toasters and waffle irons!  Source: Culinary Journey. submitted to Famous Canadian Women by Michelle de cevito, Cochrane, Ontario

Births 1911:
1911 -
Born Kay Christie (1911-1994) nurse with Royal Canadian Medical Corps, POW (prisoner of war) in Hong Kong.
1911 -
Born Rebecca Belle Watson (1911? - 1976) Vancouver, British Columbia Community Activist.
1911 -
Born Rita Laroque Morel (1911-2011) public servant.
1911 - Born Leola Ellen Neal (1911-1995) psychologist

January 27, 1911 -
Born Blanche Margaret Meagher (1912-1999) pioneer Canadian diplomat.
February 22, 1911 - Born Betty Edwards Tancock (1911-2009) medal winning and record setting swimmer.
April 3, 1911 - Born Nanette Bordeaux, (1911-1956) actress.
May 11, 1911 - Born Evelyn Laura Brandon (1911-1998) Historian
June 18, 1911 - Born Evelyn Bowen (1911-1999) , stage actress who organized and directed the first all Negro dram group in Canada.
June 18, 1911 - Born Clare Bernhardt (1911-1993) author and journalist who composed Canada's Centennial Hymn.
June 29, 1911 - Born Katherine De Mille (1911-1995) movie actress.
July 11, 1911 - Born Helen Griffith Wylie Watson (1911-1974) award winning nurse and officer in the Order of Canada.
July 31, 1911 - Born Lyn Harrington (1911-    ) children's award winning author.
August 1911 - Born Ruth Haythorn (1911-2010) educator
September 1911 - Born Alice Moulton (1911-1912) librarian with the University of Toronto.
September 1, 1911 - Born Helen Pauline Wattie (1911-2009) educator
September 28, 1911 - Born Ivy Eastwood Granstrom (1911-2004) Blind athlete
December 12, 1911 - Born Martha Shepard (1911-2009) Librarian with major responsibility of establishing the National Library of Canada.
December 27, 1911 - Born Anna Claudia Russell (1911-2006) commedien considered the best in the world in her day

1912 1912 - Carrie Derick (1862-1941) is the 1st woman in Canada to become a full professor,  a professor of Morphological Botany at McGill University in Montreal.

1912 - The Manitoba Illegitimate Children’s Act provides that an unwed mother can bring court action against the alleged father, if her claims are substantiated, he can be forced to pay support and expenses.

1912 -  
Canadian Women’s Press Club of Calgary is founded Source Linda Kay, Sweet Sixteen :the journey that inspired the Canadian Women’s Press Club (McGill-Queens Press, 2012)

1912 - Anna Minerva Henderson (1887 - ???) became the 1st Black Canadian sppointed to the permanent federal civil service.
Source: Herstory: The Canadian Women's calendar. 2008  (Saskatoon Women's Calendar Collective / Coteau Books, 2007)

February  1912 -  The British Columbia Legislature passes a bill to allow women to practice at the bar in that province. Source : The Archives of British Columbia. Helen MacGill http://www.bcarchives.gov.bc.ca/exhibits/timemach/galler10/frames/index.htm  (accessed May 20, 2005)

July 1912  - The first Calgary Stampede takes place. Canadian Flores Le Due wins the World Champion Trick and Fancy Roper, her first of three such titles.

1912 -
A Dominion Council is formed to oversee Girl Guides in Canada with Lady Mary Pellatt at the head of the council.

1912 -
Mabel French
Is the 1st woman lawyer in the province of British Columbia.  Source: British Columbia Federation of Labour.  http://bcfed.com/issues/women/history

1912 - The Oreo cookie appears for the first time on the market. Yummy! Source: Culinary Journey. submitted to Famous Canadian Women by Michelle de cevito, Cochrane, Ontario

Births 1912:
1912 -
Born Bettie L. Cole (1912 - ?) Journalist
1912 -
Born Audrey Burger (1912-1988) Social activist for public housing.
1912 -
Born Dorothy Howarth (1912 -   ) award winning journalist with the Toronto Telegram
1912 -
Born Agnes Martin (1912-2004) one of the world's foremost abstract painter.
1912 -
Born Clara Muskat (1912 -   ) one of the 1st Jewish women lawyers in Ontario.
1912 -
Born Helen Frances Okuloski (1912-1993) one of the1st women lawyers in Hamilton, Ontario
1912 -
Born Dora Russell (1912-1986) teacher, journalist and community worker with Girl Guides.
January 2, 1912 -
Born Barbara Lally Pentland, (1912-2000) one of the first Canadian composers to use avant-garde techniques in her music.
January 3, 1912 - Born Louise Marguerite Renaude Lapoint (1912-2002) politician
March 19, 1912 - Born Margaret Grant Andrew (1912-1982) Social activist for the Arts on Canada's west coast.
March 25 - Born Yoshiko Kasahara (1912-1966) noted population statistician.
May 27, 1912 - Born Marie Therese Goulet (1912-1971) Métis teacher and author.
June 29, 1912 - Born Agnes Fontaine (1912-1988) a mother of 15 who received the QE Coronation Medal for community Services. 
July 12, 1912 - Born Jagdish Kaur Singh (1912-1991) Businesswoman
August 14, 1912 - Born Hilda May Cameron Young (1912-2001)  Olympic Medal winner in Track and Field in 1936 Olympic Games.
August 23, 1912 - Born Jean Bruce Dawson (1912-1999) a nurse by training she became an artist.
August 25, 1912 - Born
Muriel Flexman (1912-2003) journalist and first woman to work at Canadian Press
September 3, 1913 - Born
Bronislawa "Betty" Barban (1913-2013) Pianist, who became 1st conductor of the St John Symphony
November 12, 1912 - Born
Martha Scarrow (1912-1971) political member of the C.C.F. Party in Ontario.

Deaths 1912:
March 23, 1912 -
Nancy Alexander (1824-1912) Black pioneer.
May 10, 1912 -
Frances Amelia Tupper ( 1826-1912) wife of Prime Minister Sir Charles Tupper (1821-1915)
November 1, 1912 - Died Mabel Barriston ( ? -1912) actress.
1913 July 31, 1913 -  Alys McKey Bryant is the 1st woman to pilot an airplane in Canada.

1913 -
Canada's 1st feature film, Evangeline is produced in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects http://ubc.ca/okanagan/creative/links/timeline (accessed February 2006)

June 1913 -
Mary M. Minty and Marcia J. Levitt become the 1st women appointed and attached to the Toronto Police Department. Source: Herstory: Milestones in the History of the Toronto Police Service Women Online Accessed June 2011.

1913 -The Royal Canadian Academy "relaxes" it rules that withhold membership from women. Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects http://ubc.ca/okanagan/creative/links/timeline (accessed February 2006)

1913 -
the 1st degree program in Household Sciences at the University of Toronto. In 1913. The course grew out of the 1902 Lillian Massey School of Household Science and Art. Source: Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Online (Accessed January 2013)

1913 - The Methodist Ladies Aid is formed in Toronto. Source: Voices of United Church Women 1962-2002. Edited by Elizabeth Gillan Muir. (Toronto; United Church of Canada, 2002)

1913 - New Brunswick Women's Institutes hold their 1st provincial convention. Source: New Brunswick Women's History online. Accessed June 2013.

Births 1913:
1913 -
Born Mary Ainsworth (1913-1999) psychologist
1913 -
Born Willa Walker (1913- 2010) author
1913 - Born Margaret Craig Eaton Dunn (1913-1988) Director General Canadian Women's Army Corp 1944.
January 18, 1913 -
Born Gwethalyn Graham. (1913-1935) award winning author.
March 5, 1913 - Born Evelyn Blankstein (1913-2001) Architect.
April 9, 1913 - Born Saida Gerrard (1913-2005) in the 1930's she made significant contributions to  modern dance in Canada.
April 24, 1913 - Born Violet Archer (1913-2000) musician and award winning composer.
April 30, 1913 - Born Edith Margaret Fowke (1913-1996) , folklorist , collector writer, and teacher.
May 3, 1913 - Born Joyce Carmen Barkhouse (1913-2012) Poet
May 10, 1913 - Born Reva Brooks  (1913-2004) pioneer photographer.
July 26, 1913 -
Born Dorothy Corrigan (1913-  ) Mayor of Charlottetown, P.E.I. , Order of Canada 1978.
September 3, 1913 - Born
Bronislawa "Betty" Barban (1913-2013) Pianist,
October 9, 1913 -
Born Charlotte Bastien (1913-2005) Librarian and private secretary to National Librarian Guy Sylvester.
November 16, 1913 -
Born Dora de Pédery-Hunt (1913-  ) sculptor & designer of medals honoured with the Order of Ontario & Order of Canada.
November 17, 1913 -
Born Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook ( 1913-    ) internationals acclaimed sculptor.
December 18, 1913 -
Born Emma Caslor (1913-1977) folksinger and pianist.

Deaths 1913:
1913 -
Died Elizabeth Frame (1820-1913) teacher and author.
March 7, 1913 - Died
Pauline Johnson, (1861-1913) Canada's first renowned native poet.
April 10, 1913 - Died Annie Emma Affleck Thompson (1845-1913) wife of Prime Minister Sir John Thompson (1845-1894)
April 11, 1913  - Died
Amelia Yeomans (1842-1913) pioneer medical doctor and feminist.
October 26, 1913 - Died Ada Borradaile Chipman (1860?-1913) organized Woman's Art Association for women in 1907.

1914 1914-1918 - More than 2500 women serve with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps with the majority serving overseas in hospitals, on board hospital ships, in several theatres of war and in combat zones with field ambulance units. It is also the first time women have organized in a military capacity other than nursing. Canadian women form paramilitary groups, outfit themselves in military-style uniforms, and undertake training in small arms, drill, first aid, and vehicle maintenance in case they are needed as home guard. Source: National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces, Fact sheet. Online (Accessed March 2014)

January 28, 1914 -
Canadian suffragettes hold a Mock Parliament in Winnipeg to agitate for votes for women.

1914 -
The first women's hockey championship for the province of Ontario was held in in Picton. Source: www.femalehockey.ca accessed January 2013.

August 4, 1914 - Canada automatically at war with Germany when Britain declares war.

September 29, 1914 - the first group of Canadian nursing sisters, of the Canadian Army Medical Corps, embark for England and service in World War I on the Franconia. Source: Canadian Nurses in World War I. Trent University Archives: Fowlds Exhibit http://www.trentu.ca/library/archives/ffowldswelcome.htm (accessed July 22, 2005)

1914 - Emily Coonan receives the 1st National Gallery travel grant to study in Europe. She puts a hold on her travel till after World War l.
Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects http://ubc.ca/okanagan/creative/links/timeline (accessed February 2006)

1914 - Georgina Binnie-Clark (1871-1947) published her work Wheat & Women describing the discrimination she faced as a single woman farmer in the Canadian West.

1914-1915 - Annie Langstaff (1887 - 1975) 1st woman to receive a degree in Law from McGill University in 1914-1915.

Births 1914:
1914 -
Born Marianne Linnell (1914-1990, Vancouver politician was the only woman on the committee for Canada's Centennial Commission.
1914 - Born
Laura Banks (1914-1988) TV broadcaster who used the name of Laura Lindsay.
1914 -
Born Judith St John (1914-2007) internationally acclaimed children's librarian and lecturer in Library Sciences.
January 21, 1914 -
Born Josefina Napravilova (1914-2014) returned children to Czech Republic after World War ll.
February 14, 1914 -
Born Ruth Gorman (1914-2002) lawyer and Officer of the Order of Canada
February 21, 1914  - Born Sister Bernice Cullen ( 1913-2007)
female head of St. Dunstan's University , P.E.I. in Religious
April 3, 1914 - Born Margaret Fane Rutledge.(1914-2004) Pioneer aviator member of the British Columbia Aviation Hall of Fame.
April 13, 1914 - Born Margaret Weisbord (1914-2011) musician

April 21, 1914 - Born Judith Crawley,(1914-1986)  film producer, director and scriptwriter.
April 30,1914 - Born Dorothea Crittenden (1915-    ) first female deputy minister in Ontario.
June 11, 1914 - Born Norma Abernethy (1914-1973) Pianist and teacher
June 29, 1914 - Born Thelma Finlayson, a professor emeritus in Biology at the University at Simon Fraser University.
July 6, 1914 - Born Viola Desmond (1914-1965) first black woman to  challenge discrimination successfully in Canada.
July 19, 1914 - Born Margaret Allemang (1914-2005) advocate of Canadian nursing history.
October 8, 1914 - Born Mary Lile Benham (1914-1991) author and historian
December 24, 1914 - Born Loreen Rice Lucas (1914-2011) Author.

Deaths  1914:
February 1, 1914 - Died Grace Elizabeth Denison Journalist.

April 7, 1914 - Died Edith Eaton (1867-1914) author
October 29, 1914 - Died
Emma Sophia Fiske (1832-1914) active volunteer and social activist
1915 February  1915 - the second group of Canadian nursing sisters of the Canadian Army Medical Corps,  leaves Halifax an the S.S. Zealand for service in WW I Source: Canadian Nurses in World War I. Trent University Archives: Fowlds Exhibit http://www.trentu.ca/library/archives/ffowldswelcome.htm (accessed July 22, 2005)

February 26, 1915 -
Suffragist Nellie McClung (1873 - 1951) presents the Alberta provincial legislature with a petition demanding that women be given the right to vote. The right was granted in municipal elections 2 months later.

April 1915 - Alberta women vote in municipal elections for the first time.

1915 - Dr. Minerva Ellen Reid (1872-1957) becomes the 1st  Woman doctor to become a Chief of Surgery in North America.

1915 -
The Edmonton Grads women's basketball team is organized. With 502 wins and only 20 losses from 1915-1940 they are Canada' most successful women's basketball team!
Source: www.womenwarriors.ca Timeline

1915 -
Mme Annie Macdonald Langstaff studied law at McGill University, the 1st woman receiving the 1st degree in law. She is refused entry to the Quebec Bar. She fought the decision but it came to the necessity of changing the Bar Act which was only changed on April 29, 1941. Source: Elizabeth Monk BCL '23 by Kathryn Lèger, Montreal Gazette, October 28, 2011.

1915 - Mary Pickford (1892-1979) is receiving 500 letters a week in fan mail. She earns $4000.00 a week and is reputed to be the highest paid woman in the world. Source: 100 Canadian women : famous and forgotten faces by Merna Forster Toronto, Dundurn Press, 2004 pg. 206

1915 -The electric "icebox" is introduced to improve food storage. Source : Canuck Chicks and Maple Leaf Mamas : women of the Great White North by Ann Douglas Toronto, McArthur and Co., 2002. pg 13.

1915 - The Corning Co. introduces Pyrex to the baking world. Source: Culinary Journey. submitted to Famous Canadian Women by Michelle de cevito, Cochrane, Ontario

Births 1915:
1915 -
Born Margaret Millar (1915-1994) mystery writer.
1915 -
Born Mary Jane Wright (1915-2014) 1st woman in Canada to chair a major psychology department at a university.
January 23, 1915 -
Born Noel MacDonald Robertson basketball player, member Canada Sports Hall of Fame.
February 14, 1915 -
Born Eileen Valentine Duncan (1915-2008) businesswoman
April 11, 1915 - 
Born Agnes Butcher ( 1915-   ) pianist and teacher.
May 5, 1915 -
Born Betty Farrally (1915-1989) dancer and co-founder of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
May 18, 1915 -
Born Maria Marrelli (1915-2012) Social activist on behalf of Italian Canadians she was presented with the Italian Order of Merit.
August 6, 1915 -
Born Rina Lasnier, award winning author and poet.
September 1, 1915 - Born Barbara Smucker (1915-2003) noted children's author.
September 19, 1915 - Born Elizabeth Stern (1915-1980) pioneer medical researcher credited with early detection of cervical cancer. 

Deaths 1915:
May 17, 1915 -
Died Mary Agnes Fitzgibbon (1851-1915) founder of the Canadian Women's historical Society and author.
August 4, 1915 - Died Florence Daly Thompson, (1865-1915) accomplished artist, successful and published science researcher and librarian.
August 30, 1915 - Died
Mabel Phoebe Peters (1861-1914) suffragist and social activist in education.
September 22, 1915  - Died Frances Ester (Hester) How, (1848-1915) teacher.
November 3, 1915 - Died Lillian Frances Treble, née Massey (1854-1915) volunteer and philanthropist.

1916 January 27, 1916 - Manitoba becomes the first province in Canada to grant women the right to vote and to hold provincial office.

1916 -
the United States hosted an international hockey tournament in Cleveland, Ohio featuring American and Canadian women's Teams. Source: www.femalehockey.ca accessed January 2013.

1916 -
Canadian Women’s Press Club of Ottawa is Founded. Source Linda Kay, Sweet Sixteen :the journey that inspired the Canadian Women’s Press Club (McGill-Queens Press, 2012)

March 14, 1916 - Saskatchewan women win the rights to vote and to hold provincial office.

April 19, 1916 - Alberta women win the rights to vote and to hold provincial office.

June 13, 1916 - Emily Murphy (1868-1933) is the 1st woman appointed magistrate (judge of a lower court) in the British Empire. Her first day in court was July 1, in Edmonton, Alberta.

July 1, 1916 - newly appointed judge Emily Murphy (1868-1933), the first woman appointed magistrate in the British Empire, has her first day in court in Edmonton, Alberta.

1916 - Mary Hiester Reid (1834-1921) is the 1st woman to serve on the executive of the Ontario Society of Artists.
Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects http://ubc.ca/okanagan/creative/links/timeline (accessed February 2006)

1916- Chitase Uchida becomes the first Nisei (Japanese) to graduate from a Canadian University. She was unable to find employment as a teacher except to teach English in the Nikkei community. Source: Japanese Canadian Timeline www.canadianniklei.ca (Accessed June 2012)

1916 -
The National Research Council is established to promote scientific and industrial research.

1916 - The electric washing machine replaces hand operated machines to improve laundry day
Source : Canuck Chicks and Maple Leaf Mamas : women of the Great White North by Ann Douglas Toronto, McArthur and Co., 2002. pg 13.

October 1916 - the CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training.) publishes it's first program outline in a booklet called Canadian Girls in Training -- Suggestions for the Mid-Week Meetings of Sunday School Classes, Clubs, etc., for Teen-age Girls and it sold for the sum of 5¢. The booklet was extremely  popular with church youth leaders. Source : http://cgit.ca/ ( accessed January 4, 2005)

Births 1916:
1916 -
Born Ada Bronstein (1916-  ) pianist, accompanist and teacher.
1916 -
Born Molly Chadsey (1916-2014) World War ll photographic specialist
1916 -
Born Judith Jasmin (1916-1972) pioneer and accomplished broadcast journalist.
1916 -
Born Ellen Neel (1916-1966) carver of totem poles.
January 9, 1916 - Born Thelma Ruck Keene ( 1916-    ) businesswoman and author
January 15, 1916- Born J. Margot Brown Chester (1916-2012) Journalist, editor, community volunteer and author.
January 28, 1916 - Boren Dorothy Hunter played with the All American Girls Professional Baseball League
February 23, 1916 - Born Molly Kool, First registered woman Sea Captain in North America.
May 4, 1916 - Born Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) social activist and foremost urban architect/planner.
June 7, 1916 - Born Barbara Alice West Jefferys Allen (1916-2014) artist.
August 25, 1916 - Born Ethel Stark,  first woman soloist heard on radio when she plays violin performing under conductor Fritz Reiner the Tchaikovsky “Concerto.
March 5, 1916 -  Born Phyllis Dewar , swimmer and member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.
June 4, 1916 - Born Shirley Burnham Elliott (1916-2004) Legislative librarian of Nova Scotia and author of the Nova Scotia book of Days
August 1, 1916 -  Born Anne Hébert (1916-2000) award winning poet, playwright , and novelist.
September 1, 1916 -
Born Bertha Baumann (1916-2005) leading nurse in St Boniface, Manitoba.
November 8, 1916 -
Born June Havoc ( 1916-   ) vaudeville entertainer and award winning Broadway director.
December 5, 1916 -
Born Frankie Tillman (1916-2003) social activist with YWCA
December 9, 1916 -
Born Effie Constance Astbury (!916-2008) Librarian first Director Canadian Bibliographic Centre (National Library of Canada)

Deaths 1916:
February 16, 1916 -
 Charlotte Whitehead Ross (1843-1916) first woman doctor in Montreal and in Manitoba.
May 18, 1916 -  Died-
Grace Annie Lockhart (1855-1916)  the first woman to receive a university degree in Canada.
July 4, 1916 - Died
Elizabeth Secord (1841-1916) 1st qualified registered physician in the Province of New Brunswick 1883.    

1917 March 8, 1917- Russian women again chose the last Sunday in February to strike for "bread and peace". Political leaders opposed the timing of the strike, but the women went on anyway. The rest is history: Four days later the Czar was forced to abdicate and the provisional Government granted women the right to vote. That historic Sunday fell on 23 February on the Julian calendar then in use in Russia, but on 8 March on the Gregorian calendar in use elsewhere. THIS DATE WOULD BECOME INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY.

April 5, 1917- British Columbia women win the rights to vote and to hold provincial office.  Source: British Columbia Federation of Labour.  http://bcfed.com/issues/women/history

April 12, 1917 -
Ontario women win the rights to vote and hold public office in the province.

June 17, 1917 - Louise McKinney (1868-1931) and Roberta MacAdams are the 1st women in Canada elected to a provincial legislature, in Alberta and the first elected to a legislature in the British Commonwealth.

1917 - Jean Ethel MacLachian (1875-1963) is the 1st person to become a juvenile Court Judge in Saskatchewan and the 1st woman in Canada to be appointed a justice of the Peace.
Source: City of Regina. Heritage & History Online. (Accessed January 2012.

July 9, 1917 - Helen Gregory MacGill (1864-1947) is appointed the 1st woman judge in British Columbia and Canada.  Source: British Columbia Federation of Labour.  http://bcfed.com/issues/women/history

September 20, 1917 -  
The Military Voters Act extends federal enfranchisement, until the end of the war, to women in the services and to those women who had close relatives in the armed services of Canada or Great Britain.

December 6-1917 -  Over 2000 people are killed and some 9000 injured when a munitions ship explodes in Halifax harbour.

December 10, 1917 -
Hannah (Annie) Elizabeth Gale
(1876-1970) in 1917 she became the 1st woman in the British Empire to become an alderman. Source Merna Forster, Annie Gale (1876-1970) Heroines.ca (Accessed May 2015) ; Annie Gale, Alberta Champions Online (Accessed May 2015) Book: Judith Lishman, Alderman Mrs. Annie Gale (Ottawa, 1985)

1917 -
Under the Military Voters Act, nurses in the armed forces are given the vote. 

1917 - Alberta is the first province to adopt a minimum wage law for women.

1917 - "Farmerette Camps" accommodate some 900 women agricultural workers in the Niagara fruit belt of Ontario.
Source: History of the YWCA  http://www.ywcacanada.ca/

1917 - Income tax is is introduced as a temporary wartime measure.

Births 1917:
1917 - Born Phyllis Burgess (1917-1988)  administrator and developer of nursing strategies for treatment of cancer patients.
1917 - Born Elizabeth Miriam Janzen Dreger (1917/1918 - 1979) social activist
1917 - Born Gladys Taylor (1917-2015) writer, journalist and publisher.

1917 -
Born Beatrice Wickett-Nesbitt (1917-2010) psychologist who forged the way for others to follow in the profession.
January 13, 1917 -
Born Flo Whyard (1917-2012) journalist , editor Whitehorse Star, MLA and Mayor of Whitehorse, Yukon.
January 17, 1917 - Born Isabel Frances Leith Macdonald (1917-2013) drama teacher
January 29, 1917 - Born
Marial M.  Mosher (1917-2008) academic
February 28, 1917 - Born Philippa Mary Faulkner (1917-   ) artist
April 1, 1917 - Born Eira "Babs" Friesen (1917-2008) social activist
April 4, 1917 - Born 
Ayako "Irene" Uchida (1917-2013) medical researcher who connected radiation and Downs Syndrome in pregnancy
May 7, 1917 - Born Olive Bend Little (1917-1987) member of the American Girls  Professional Baseball League
June 5, 1917 - Born Helen Arlene Dahlstrom (1917 -  ) classical musician.
August 12, 1917 -
Born Hélène Shingles, a dentist who has received the Order of Canada for her humanitarian efforts.
August 21, 1917 - Born Kay Helen McDaniel (1917-   ) played with the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.
October 2, 1917 - Born Alma Duncan (1917-2004) artist
November 3, 1917 - Born Marguerite Davis (1917-1995) played with the All American Girls Professional Baseball League
November 19, 1917 - Born Mimi Mitchell Donald (1917-2012) Canada's most outstanding teacher of the deaf in 20th century.

Deaths 1917:
January 21, 1917 -
Charlotte Selina "Nina" Bompas (1830-1917) Anglican Church missionary to the Canadian Northwest.
March 19, 1917 - Died Agnes Baxter ( 1870-1917) pioneer woman mathematician.
July 30, 1917 - Died Jessie Kerr Lawson, (1838 -1917)  journalist

1918 January 22 1918 - Mary Ellen Smith (1863-1933) enters politics after the death of her husband Ralph Smith (   1917) becoming the 1st woman in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. In March 1921 she became the 1st woman cabinet minister in the British Empire. . Sources: Vancouver Hall of Fame Online (Accessed November 2012). : The Canadian Encyclopedia online (Accessed November 2012) , Herstory: A canadian Women's Calendar 2006, Coteau Books, 2005.

1918 - 3141 Nursing Sisters have served in the ranks of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War 1. Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia. Women in the Military. Http: www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com

April 26, 1918 - Nova Scotia women are given the right to vote and hold public office.

May 24, 1918 - The Women’s Franchise Act is passed federally.

June 27, 1918 - The Canadian hospital ship Llandovery Castle is torpedoed and sinks. All 14 Canadian Nursing Sisters on board are drowned. Source: Canadian Nurses in World War I. Trent University Archives: Fowlds Exhibit  http://www.trentu.ca/library/archives/ffowldswelcome.htm (accessed July 22, 2005)

1918 -
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec accepts women medical students for 1st time. Source: The Indomitable Lady Doctors by Carlotta Hacker, Clarke Irwin, 1974.

1918 - Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia pass laws making it illegal to hire White women in Chinese-owned restaurants and laundries. Source: Canadian Chinese National Council. Moments of Chinese Canadian History. http://www.ccnc.ca/toronto/history/timeline.html (accessed July 7, 2003)

1918 -
Roberta Catherine MacAdams (1880-1959) the second woman elected to the Alberta legislature in 1917, became in 1918 1st woman in British Empire to introduce legislation in a parliament when she brought forward a bill to incorporate the War Veterans Next of Kin Association Bill. Source: Our Future, Our Heritage. The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project. Online (Accessed May 2014) ; Roberta MacAdams and the New Woman. Alberta’s Women’s Institute. Online (Accessed May 2014).

1918 - Mary Ellen Smith becomes British Columbia's 1st woman Member of the Legislative Assembly.  Source: British Columbia Federation of Labour.  http://bcfed.com/issues/women/history

1918 -
Sarah Ramsland  (1882-1964) is the 1st woman elected to the Saskatchewan legislature. Source: City of Regina. Heritage & History Online. (Accessed January 2012.; Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan online (Accessed January 2012)

1918 -  Mary Mcnulty (1895-1972) is called to the Bar in Ontario and becomes the 1st woman to practice law in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. Source: Diversifying the bar; Law Society of Upper Canada online accessed January 2013.:: Heritagemississauga.ca/page/mary-fix. Accessed March 2003.

1918 - The Women's College Hospital, Toronto has its first graduation class in nursing with two graduates. Source: A history of Women's College http://sunnbrookandwomens.on.ca (Accessed February 2006)

1918 -
Volunteer women patrols under the auspices of the YWCA are authorized as an experiment in Toronto, Ontario. After a short trial they are discontinued. Source: Herstory: Milestones in the History of the Toronto Police Service Women Online Accessed June 2011.

September 10, 1918 - Frances Lillian Fish (1888-1975) is the 1st woman to graduate Dalhousie University with a Law Degree. And she was the first woman called to the Bar in Nova Scotia. Sources: New Brunswick Women’s History Accessed 2012. “Everyone called her Frank…” by Barry Cahill, Journal of New Brunswick Studies Vol. 2 2011 Online accessed June 2013.

1918 - Annette Saint-Amant Frémont (1892-1928) is the 1st francophone woman journalist in Saskatchewan. Sources: Herstory, the Canadian Women’s Calendar 2006 Coteau Books, 2005; Dictionary of Canadian Biography online Accessed April 2013.

1918 - The Canadian Canned Fruit and Vegetable Act introduces grading scales to commercial food canning processes. Source: Culinary Journey. submitted to Famous Canadian Women by Michelle de cevito, Cochrane, Ontario

1918 -
World War l ends with the signing of an armistice at 11 a.m. November 11. Bernice Furness (1884-1977) is the only woman journalist accredited to cover the 1919 Peace Treaty Negotiations.

Births 1918:

1918 -
Born Alice Boissonneau (1918-2007) author.
1918 -
Born Fern Blodgett (1918-1991) who on June 13, 1941 became the 1st Canadian woman to serve in the Merchant Marines
1918 -
Born Jean E. Coolican (1918-2012) volunteer and co-founder of Save the Children Canada.
1918 -  Born Sheila Agnes Egoff (1918-2005) librarian, award winning expert in Children's literature.
1918 - Born Brenda Milner (1918-   ) internationally acclaimed neurologist.
1918 - Born Fern Sunde (1918-1991) in 1942 received Norwegian War medal for her war effort, 1st woman to receive this award.
January 1, 1918 - Born Frances Bay (1918-   ) Actress and star on Canada's Walk of Fame.

February 3, 1918 -
Born Isobel Moira Dunbar (1918-1999)  An ice research scientist she is the 1st woman to take cruises on Canadian government icebreakers.
March 18, 1918 - Born Ruby Martz (1918-1995) played with the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.
April 13, 1919 - Born Thelma Jo Walmsley (1918- 1997) played for the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.
April 23, 1918  - Born Margaret Avison. award winning poet. librarian and social worker.
May 4, 1918 -
Born Lyn Cook (1918 -    ) 1st author to have books for youth published after WW ll.
May 11, 1918 -
Born Sheila Branford, author of one of the best animal tales, Incredible Journey.
June 23, 1918 - Born Norah Urquhart (1918-2009) Scientific pioneer who with her husband Fred discovered the secret of the Monarch Butterfly.
June 25, 1918 - Born Marion Orr (1918-1995) Pioneer aviator and first woman to own and operate a flying school in Canada.
July 14, 1918 - Born Grace Hartman (1918-1993) social activist and union member.
August 5, 1915 -
Born Betty Oliphant (1918-2004) founder of the National Ballet School of Canada.
August 8, 1918 -
Born Irma Sophia Council (1918-   ) Portrait artist and editor.
September 2, 1918 -
Born Claire Culhane (1918-1996) a social activist and protestor of war.
September 28,1918 -
Frances Morrison (1918-2011) librarian in Saskatchewan
October 16, 1918 -
Born Marianne Bossen (1916-2008) civil servant, who among many services, worked on the Royal Commission on the Status of Women.
November 11, 1918 -
Born Madelaine Parent (1918-2013) social activist and labour leader.
December 23, 1918 -
Born Dr. Ricky Kanee Schachter (1918-   ) leader in her field of dermatology.
December 25, 1918 -
Born Mary Noel Balke (1918-2011) Librarian, journalist, broadcaster with the CBC, reference librarian at Ottawa Public Library.

Deaths 1918:
1918 -
Polly Verner (1837-1918) a citizen of Toronto
February 1, 1918 - Died Hannah Maynard (1834-1918)  pioneer portrait photographer.
June 27, 1918 - Died Rena Maude McLean, (1879-1918) a nursing sister of World War l.
August 26, 1918 - Died Robina Lizars author of historical works.
September 14, 1918 - Died Clemetina Fessenden (1843 - 1918) founder of the I.O.D.E
November 26, 1918 - Died
Katherine Bawlf (1855-1918) social activist

1919 April 17, 1919 - New Brunswick women win the right to vote but not to hold provincial office.

May 19, 1919 - June 26 1919- The Winnipeg General Strike. 

June 12, 1919 - Ladies Day at Victoria Park during the Winnipeg strike. Women strikers occupied seats of honour near the front of the platform. Source: J.M. Bumstead, "The Role of Women" part of "1919 the Winnipeg General Strike Reconsidered" in The Beaver June-July 1994.

June 14, 1919 -
The first successful transatlantic flight leaves St. John's Newfoundland.

1919 - The Federated Women's Institutes of Canada is founded.

1919 - The Canadian Federation of University Women, is founded. A voluntary, non-profit, self-funded bilingual organization the CFUW/FCFDU members are active in public affairs, working to raise the social, economic and legal status of women, as well as to improve education, the environment, peace, justice and human rights.

1919 - Sarah Persis Johnson Darrach (1886-1974) a World War l nursing sister, is awarded first class Royal Red Cross by the Prince of Wales.
. Source: Memorable Manitobans Online (Accessed February 2014)

1919 - Eiza Ritchie (1856-1935.) is  appointed to the Dalhousie University board of governors, a 1st  for Canadian women.

1919 - Violet Irene Guymer (1885-1995) earns her diploma as a Funeral Director and Embalmer in Manitoba. She is the 1st  woman in Canada to graduate in this course.
Source: Quite and undertaking: the story of Violet Guymer, Canada's firs female licensed funeral director by Elizabeth Lycar and Lorrie Guymer Hutton, (Kelowna, B.C. : Nip and Tuck Publishing, 1966)

1919 - Alex Gibb
(1891-1958) helps to found Ladies Ontario Basketball Association, she would serve as President in 1925.
Sources: “Queen of the Ice Lanes: the Preston Rivulettes and Women’s Hockey in Canada 1931-1940” by Carly Adams in Sport History Review no. 39 pages 1-29 2008; 100 more Canadian Heroines by Merna Forster Dundurn Press, 2011.

1919 - Zonta International is  founded. “Advancing the status of women worldwide.”  Zonta International, global service organization of executives in business and the professions, work together, across political and social boundaries, to advance the status of women worldwide. Zonta members volunteer their time, talents and money to local and international service programs as well as scholarship and award programs aimed at furthering women's education, leadership and youth development.

Births 1919:
1919 - Born Jean Bessie Lumb (1919-2002) 1st Chinese Canadian inducted into Order of Canada
1919 -
Born Olga Chumak ( 1919-2003) in 1944 she became the 1st woman lawyer of Ukrainian heritage in the province of Ontario
1919 -
Born Gladys "Gladdy" Balsillie (1919-1987) businesswoman who was a burlesque agent.
1919 -
Born Jean Bessie Lumb (1919-2002) social activist for the Canadian Chinese community and Order of Canada
1919 -
Born Mary "Bonnie" Baker (1919?- 2003) member of the All American Girls Baseball League.
1919 -
Born Nancy Lima Dent ( 1919 -   ) she created a body of over 30 dance works, many are commentary on social issues.
1919 -
Born Clara 'Dolly' Scott (1919-1991) sideshow personality
January 1, 1919 -
Born Blanche Wisenthal (1919 ---) Social Activist and National President of Hadassah W.I.Z.O.
January 10, 1919 -
Born Cassie Eileen Brown (1919-1986) journalist and author.
February 2, 1919 -
Dorothy May Copithorn (1919-2013) musician, piano and organ.
April 6, 1919 - Born Paule Clouthier-Daveluy (1919-   ) author of French language books for young readers.

April 27, 1919 -
Born Ruth Wilson medal winning basketball player.
May 14 , 1919 -
Born Solange Chaput-Rolland, writer, editor, broadcaster and politician.
May 22, 1919 - Born Clara McCandless Thomas, author and professor.
May 24, 1919 - Born F. Marguerite "Peggy" Hill (1919-2012) Medical Doctor.
May 27, 1919 - Born Francess Halpenny, editor and educator.
June 13, 1919 - Born Helen Sandiford (1919-1993) played with the All American Girls Professional Baseball League
June 30, 1919 - Born Dora Wasserman Award winning founder of the Yiddish Theatre of Montreal.
August 16, 1919 - Born Penny Martineuk Cooke (1919-2010) played with the All American Girls Professional Baseball League
August 28, 1919 - Born Hélène Baillargeon-Coté (1919_ 1997) Entertained children on TV in Bilingual format well before her time.
September 1, 1919 - Born Gladys Davis (1919-   ) played with the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.
September 11,1919 - Born Daphne Odjig, (1919-   ) prolific Native Canadian artist.
September 19, 1919 - Catherine Mary Wisnicki. first Canadian woman to graduate in architecture.
December 19, 1919 - Born Catherine Mallory Knowles (1919-2014) librarian

Deaths 1919:
919 -
Died Annie Mackenzie Cleland (1859-1919) indomitable early Canadian woman doctor
1919 -
 Alice Helena Berry (1868-1919) Pioneer businesswoman of Prince Edward Island.
1919 - Died Joanna E. Wood (d. 1919) Author.
May 20 1919 - Died
Marion Elizabeth Crerar (1859-1919) social activist, volunteer, philanthropist.
July 31, 1919 - Died Louise Bennett-Coverley (1919-2006) Miss Lou, early Black radio and TV personality and Journalist who was a member of the Order of the British Empire.
August 8, 1919 - Died
Julia Jane Murray Clark (1857-1919) pioneering social activist for child welfare.


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