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935 935 - Bjari Herjolfsson  sights mainland North America. He is possibly the 1st European to visit North America
1007 1007 - Gudrid (Born Iceland circa 980) gives birth to a son, Snorri, the first European child born in North America
1494 1494 - The colonial world is divided between Spain and Portugal by the Treaty of Tordesillas
1497 June 24, 1497 - Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot 1450-1498) a Venetian sailing for England, claims Newfoundland for England
1534 1534 - Jacques Cartier (1491- 1557) sights Newfoundland on his first voyage to Canada.
1580 Births 1580:
1580 - Born Marie Rollet (1580 ca.-1649.) Canada’s 1st farming wife
1582 1582 - Sir Humphrey Gilbert visits Newfoundland & claims the land for England
1602 1602 - Francoise Marie Jacqueline de la Tour is the 1st European woman to make a home in Acadia
1608 July 3, 1608 - Samuel de Champlain (d1635) founds Quebec the 1st permanent European settlement in Canada
1610 December 27, 1610 - Married, 40 year old Samuel de Champlain (d1635) to 12 year old Hélène Boullé dite de Saint-Augustin (1598-1654)
1611 1611 - Sheila NaGiera (The Irish Princess ) and her husband, Gilbert Pike, legendary pioneers of Newfoundland, settled as planters and small business people on Carbonnear Island where they are considered the 1st European couple to settle Newfoundland's shores. Source: The Beaver February/March 2005 pg. 44-45.
1612/3 March 27, 1612or 1603 - the 1st official record of an European baby born in Cuper's Cove, Newfoundland to Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Guy (or Gore) Source : The Beaver February/March 2005 pg. 44
1617 1617 - Marie Rollet. (ca1580-1649.) arrives in New France with her husband and young children. Her husband would become known as Canada’s first farmer. He is also an apothecary and Marie befriends the local natives to whom her husband administers. She is Canada’s first farmer’s wife. Their farm was on Cape Diamond which is located in the heart of the modern city of Quebec. She may also be considered Canada’s first teacher as records show she enjoyed teaching the local native population
1620 Births 1620:
April 17, 1620 - Born Marguerite Bourgeoys  (1620 - 1700), founder of the the Congregation de Notre Dame at Montreal
1621 August 26, 1621 - The first marriage to take place in New France is Guillemette Hebert (1606?-1684), daughter of Louis Hebert (1575-1627) and Marie Rollet (1580-1649) to Guillaume Couillard (1591?-1663)

October 21, 1621 - The first baptism is performed in New France, Eustache, the son of Abraham Martin
1634 1634 - The 1st of the Filles du Roi, young French women were recruited by religious communities and agents of the One Hundred Associates with the intent of marrying them to men in the colony of New France arrive in New France
1639 May 4, 1639 - Marie de L'Incarnation (1599-1672), sails from Dieppe harbour in France for New France Source Jean Bannerman Leading Ladies Canada. Belleville, ON: Mika Publishing, 1977  pg 18
August 1639 - Marie de L'Incarnation (1599-1672)  and her party arrive in New France Source Jean Bannerman Leading Ladies Canada. Belleville, ON: Mika Publishing, 1977  pg 18.

1639 - Marie de L'Incarnation
(1599-1672)  founds an Ursuline convent in the settlement of Quebec

1639 - A smallpox epidemic decimates the Huron peoples reducing their population by 50%
1641 1641 - The 1st mother-house of the Ursuline sisters in Canada is completed in New France. Source Jean Bannerman Leading Ladies Canada. Belleville, ON: Mika Publishing, 1977  pg 23
1642 January 16, 1642 - French settlers are given land in Acadia, Nova Scotia Source:  Bob Bowman, Dateline:Canada, Toronto: Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada, 1973.

May 18, 1642 -
Montreal is established
by Sieur de Maisonneuve. Jeanne Mance (1606-1673) arrived with the founding party of the settlement Source Jean Bannerman Leading Ladies Canada. Belleville, ON: Mika Publishing, 1977  pg 26
1643 January 6, 1643 - Jeanne Mance (1606-1673) and Mme de la Peltrie, founders of a hospital and Ursuline Convent, are among a party which climbed the Mountain in Montreal, celebrating Epiphany by planting a wooden cross on top of the Mountain Source: Database Canada by Bob Bowman (Toronto, Holt, 1967)

1643 - The population of Montreal, New France grows to 70 people
1644 1644 - Jeanne Mance (1606-1673.) opens Hôtel- Dieu, the 1st hospital in Canada
1646 Births 1646:
1646 - Born Jeanne Chartier (1646- 1708), Fille du Roi, pioneer of New France
1649 Births 1649:
March 19, 1649 - Born Marie Morin (Baptized (1649-1730) 1st Canadian born woman to become a religious sister
1650 Births 1650:
May 1, 1650 -
Born Jeanne-Francoise Juchereau De La Ferté (1650-1723) Mother Saint-Ignace.
1653 1653 - Marguerite Bourgeoys, (1620-1700), the 1st school teacher in Montreal, arrives from France.
1657 Births 1657:
February 25, 1657 - Born Agathe de Repentigny (1657-1748) pioneer businesswoman & entrepreneur of New France
1659 July 2, 1659 - The1st community of uncloistered nuns, Société de Notre Dame de Montréal, in the new world came into existence when Marguerite Bourgeoys' (1620-1700), 1st companions joined her on the ship carrying the last of the great recruitments undertaken by the Société de Notre-Dame de Montreal Source: Patricia Simpson. Marguerite Bourgeoys and Montreal 1640-1665. (Montreal : McGill Queen's University Press, 1997)
1660 July 21, 1660 - Canada’s 1st census puts the population at 3,418

Births 1660:

February 4, 1660 -
Baptised Charlotte-Francoise Juchereau de Saint Denis (1662-1702) mother of 16 children, also a notable business personality in New France
1662 Births 1662:
January 4, 1662 -
Born Jeanne LeBer (1662-1774)  Montreal, Quebec, a religious recluse who story served as background for a 1998 mystery novel Death du Jour
1663 1663 - There are six bachelors for each girl who reached puberty in New France

1663 - The Filles du Roi  - Daughters of the King  - begin to arrive in New France. It was a project sponsored by the King of France himself to bring young unmarried women to the colony to encourage marriage & increase in population. Their transportation and settlement expenses, as well as the dowry for some of them, were assumed by the royal treasury
1664 Births 1664:
September 22 , 1664 - baptized Catherine Jérémie de Lamontagne (1664-1744), midwife and amateur botanist.
1667 1667 - Canada's 1st census lists 3215 non native inhabitants

February 4, 1667 - The 1st Ball is held in Canada. It is a celebration of a victory over the Iroquois Source: Database Canada by Bob Bowman (Toronto: Holt, 1967)

Births 1667:
1667 -
Born Elizabeth Isabelle Couc-Montour (1667-1750) pioneer
1668 Births 1668:
1668 - Born Louise Guyon (1668?-   ) an Acadian who was perhaps a spy? for the French
1669 1669 - Louis XlV of France inaugurates the 1st baby bonus in New France
1670 May 2, 1670 - A royal charter founds the Hudson's Bay Company which is granted all rights over Rupert's Land including all territory draining into the Hudson Bay
1673 September 3, 1673 - The last group of the Filles du Roi arrive in New France, ending the successful ten year royal project to help populate the colony
1674 Births:
April 13, 1674 - Born Lydia Longley (1674-1758) 1st American Nun
1676 1676 - Marguerite Bourgeoys (1620-1764) established an industrial school, La Porvidence, to teach trades to young girls Source Jean Bannerman Leading Ladies Canada. Belleville, ON: Mika Publishing, 1977  pg 31
1678 Births 1678:
March 3, 1678 - Born Madelaine de Verchères, (1678-1747) youth heroine of New France
1683 1683 - Mrs. Sargeant, wife of the Governor of the Hudson Bay Company, her companion, Mrs. Maurice, and a maidservant are the 1st English women to come to James Bay
1685 1685 - Jeanne Le Ber (1662-1714) takes a vow of perpetual seclusion, chastity & poverty. The religious recluse who story served as background for a 1998 mystery novel Death du Jour
1686 Births 1686:
March 14, 1686 - Born Catherine Quevillon Papineau (1686-1781) pioneer & matriarch of the famous Papineau family
1692 October 22, 1692 - Marie Madelaine Jarret de Verchères  (1678-1747) defends the family fort with a handful of seniors and children against the Iroquois, a true youthful hero of New France Source: André Vachon, “JARRET DE VERCHÈRES, MARIE-MADELEINE,” in Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. 3, University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2003– (accessed July 27, 2014)
1694 1694 - The 1st known German immigrant arrives Source: The Timechart history of Canada by Meredith Macardle (2004)

Births 1694:
September 17, 1694 -
Born Eunice Williams (1694-1785) pioneer who survived capture by unfriendly Natives to become mother of an North American family dynasty
1696 Births 1696:
April 10, 1696 -
Born Ester Wheelwright (1696-1780) kidnapped by Indians, she would be brought to New France where she grew up & became Mother Superior of the Ursuline Order
1697 Births 1697:
January 18, 1697 -
Born Thérése de Couagne (1697-1764) astute business woman of New France
July 31,1697 - Born Marie-Charlotte de Ramezay (1697-1767) religious sister & hospital administrator
1698 July 1, 1698 - Marguerite Bourgeoys (1620-1700) establishes the Congregation de Notre Dame at Montreal

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