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1850 1850 - Mary Bibb (1820-1877) and her husband Henry Bibb (1815-1854) flee from the U.S.A. to Canada. In 2002 they are declared National Historic Persons Source: Historic Sites and Monuments Board. Online accessed June 2012.

1850 -
Women in Canada West (Ontario) obtain the right to vote for school trustees if they own property, regardless of marital status
Source: Women in History; a timeline by Kirsten Smith, Postmedia News March 9, 2011. : Source: History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

1850 - The essential structure of a capitalist economy i.e. employers hire workers on a short term basis, existed in Canada. Employers needed a surplus pool of labour so they used women, as well as immigrants, children, & displaced land workers to fill positions

Births 1850:
1850 -
Born Isabel Julia Askew (1850-1905) 'ship-bride' & pioneer of British Columbia
1850 -
Born Olive Blewett Ross (1850-1934) pioneer of Canadian northwest
February 4, 1850-
Born Kate Weldon (1850-1903) a pioneer telegrapher in Alberta
April 3, 1850 - Born Zina Young Williams Card (1850-1931) one of the founders of Cardston, Alberta
December 25, 1850 - Born Isabella Valency Crawford (1850-1887) considered Canada's 1st important lady poet

Deaths 1850:
January 20, 1850 -
Died Ann Kirby Macaulay (1770-1850) a loyalist, she came to Canada and became a successful business woman

1851 - Women are officially excluded from voting in all Canadian legislative elections in British North America

April 23 1851 -
Canada issues its 1st postage stamp but it will be 110 years before the image of an unidentified Canadian woman appears on a Canadian stamp

1851 - Mary Ann Shadd
(1823-1893) forms the Anti-Slavery Society in Toronto

1851 -
It is a criminal offense for a woman to obtain an abortion in Nova Scotia

- The Nova Scotia Franchise Act specifically prohibits women from having the right to vote in elections

1851 - Harriet Tubman (1820?-1913), a conductor on the famous escape route for slaves to Canada called the Underground Railroad   came north to St. Catherines, Ontario.  This courageous woman made 19 trips back to the South, to help people who had been enslaved to escape to freedom Source : Cool Chronology at (accessed July 2005)

January 1851-
Mary Bibb (1820-1877)  co-published the newspaper The Fugitive Voice beginning in 1851. Mary is credited with being the 1st Black woman journalist in Canada. Later her sister-in-law Mary Shadd Cary would become the 1st Black woman publisher of a newspaper. In 2002 she and her husband were declared National Historic Persons Sources: ; Merna Forster 100 more Canadian Heroines; Famous and Forgotten Faces (Toronto; Dundurn Press, 2011.

April 6, 1851 - The Canadian Postal Service transfers from British control. The uniform postal rate is 3 pence. It will not be until 1960 until a named famous Canadian woman appears on a Canadian stamp

September 11, 1851
- Mary Bib
(1820-1817) and Henry Bibb (1815-1854) play a key role in organizing the North American Coloured Convention held in Toronto, Ontario Source 100 more Canadian Heroines by Merna Forster Dundurn press 2011.

Births 1851:
1851 - Born Dr Lenora King (1851-1925) 1st doctor to serve in China, she was made a Mandarin by the Chinese
May 11 , 1851-
Born Emily Ann McCausland Cummings (1851-1930) journalist & 1st woman to receive an honorary degree from a Canadian University
June 18, 1851- Born Mary Agnes Fitzgibbon (1851-1915) founder of the Canadian Women's Historical Society & author

Deaths 1851:
July 24, 1851-
Died Nancy McTavish Leblanc (1790-1851) aboriginal name Matooskie, a. Métis pioneer of western Canada fur trade era

1852 1852 - Susanna Moodie (1803-1885) publishes her book Roughing It In The Bush

Births 1852:
1852 -
Born Elizabeth McDougall Young (1852- 945) pioneer of the Canadian North West
October 11,1852 -
Born Mary Isabella Macleod (1852-1933) pioneer of western Canada
1853  March 24, 1853 - The  Provincial Freeman (newspaper) is founded by Mary Ann Shadd (1823-1893) & her brother Isaac Shadd. Mary Ann is the 1st Black woman in North America to publish a newspaper & the 1st female publisher in Canada to advocate for Black rights

17, 1853 - Jane Sym
(1825-1890) marries Alexander Mackenzie (1822-1892), 2nd Prime Minister of Canada

Births 1853:
1853 - Born Blanche Lucile Macdonald (1853-1924) author
1853 -
Born Adeline Margaret Teskey (1853-1924) author
January 4, 1853 - Born Ella Bertha Marvin Hatheway (1853-1931) suffragette in New Brunswick
June 13-1853 -
Born Sara /Sarah Mickle (1853-1939) local historian in Toronto, Ontario
June 23, 1853 - Born Alexandra Helen Hargrave (1853-1932) pioneer of the Canadian North West
August 26, 1853 - Born Alice Jones (1853-1933) one of Canada's leading authors for her era

Deaths 1853:
March 21, 1853 - Frances Ramsay Simpson (1812-1853)  Lady Simpson, for whom Fort Frances was named after she visited the site
October 23, 1853 - Eliza Ann Chipman (1807-1853) diarist & teacher
1854 July 2, 1854 - a train carrying Norwegian Immigrants arrives in Sandwich (Windsor, Ontario). The immigrants have Cholera. Margaret Arnold McEwan (1812-1883) helps out at danger to her own health. The railway presents her with a gold watch for her benevolence
Source: “The Yellow Brick Question” by Elaine Weeks. Times Magazine. Online (Accessed November 2012)

November 1854 - Abigail Becker (1830-1905)  is paramount in saving lives of the master and six men of the crew of the schooner Conductor, sunk off Long Point Island, Ontario. Her storey is now largely forgotten

1854 - Wesleyan Academy, Sackville, New Brunswick opens its 1st classes in art and music especially for women
Source:  Important moments in Canadian History http;;/  ( accessed May 2002)

Births 1854:
1854 -
Born Edith Jessie Archibald (1854-1936) social activist for women's rights. A National Historic Person of Canada
1854 -
Born Annie Crisp Bond (1854-1943) nurse & philanthropist
1854 -
Born Grace Elizabeth Dennison (1854-1914) journalist known as 'Lady Gay'
1854 -
Born Kate 'Fanny' Partridge (1854-1931) Yukon pioneer
1854 -
Born Mary Augusta Reid (1854-1921) landscape painter, interiors & murals
1854 - Born Ellen Elizabeth Spragge (1854-1932) free lance journalist
March 2, 1854 - Born 
Lillian Frances Treble (1854-1915) volunteer & philanthropist
September 15, 1854 - Born Maria Heathfield Pollard-Grant (1854-1937) social activist, suffragist, and school trustee.

Deaths 1854:

September 18, 1854 - Died
Letitia Hargrave (1813-1854) a pioneer of the fur trading era

1855 January 1, 1855 - Ottawa in incorporated as a city

1855 - Emmaline Shadd,
sister to Mary Ann Shadd (1823-1893), a Black student, received top honours, 1st prize and a 1st class teaching certificate from the Toronto Normal School (teacher's college) Source: Black History Month  (accessed May 2005)

October 20, 1855 -
Toronto, Upper Canada (Ontario)  becomes the new capital city of Canada

Births 1855:
1855 -
Born Lovisa McDougal (1855-1943) pioneer of Canadian North West
1855 -
Born Sara Anne McLagan (1855-1924) the 1st Canadian woman newspaper editor
1855 -
Born Marion Oliver (1855-1913) one of the 1st Canadian medical missionaries in India
January 9, 1855 -
Born Katherine Bawlf (1855-1918) social activist
February 22, 1855 - Born Grace Annie Lockhart (1855-1916) the 1st woman to receive a university degree in Canada
June 1, 1855 - Born Helga Steinvor Baldvinsdotir (1855- 1941) penname 'Undine', author & poet  
September 15, 1855 - Born Mary Ann Casey Abbott (1855-1931) wife of 1st licensed physician in Canada
December 20, 1855 - Born Mary Ann Doak (1855-1948)  pioneer of Canadian North West  

Deaths 1855:
July 15, 1855 - Died
Marianne Creedon, Sister Mary Frances of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, Ireland (1811-1855)
1856 April 16, 1856 - the 1st discovery of gold in British Columbia. All gold is declared property of the crown

Births 1856:
1856 -
Born Emma Sophia Baker (1856-1943) psychologist
1856 -
Born Amelia Mildred Ross (1856?-1920) painter & sculptor
1856 -
Born Kate Yeigh (1856-1906) journalist & author
May 20, 1856 - Born Eliza Ritchie, (1856-1935)  probably the first Canadian woman to receive her doctor of letters
September 16, 1856 - Born Kate Reed (1856-1928) 1st Canadian woman who worked as a professional decorator
December 19, 1856 -
Born Elizabeth Fulton Parker (1856-1944) social activist
1857 1857 - Queen Victoria (1819-1901) chooses Ottawa as capitol city of Canada

1857 - The British Matrimonial Causes Act, adopted in the provinces of Canada East and Canada West,  makes divorce possible for women on the grounds of adultery Source: History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

1857 - Dr. James Miranda Stuart Barry (1795-1865)  is posted to Canada where (s)he becomes well respected for his fight to provide cleaner hospital facilities and better food for the working soldiers.  It would not be until death, when the body was being prepared for burial that it would be discovered that the renowned doctor was indeed a woman! It must have cause a stir in the Victorian society to have had the 1st “woman” doctor in the British Army!!!

June 10 1857 - Canada legally declared the decimal (dollar) system of currency to be effective as of December 31, 1857 at midnight

Births 1857:
1857 -
Born Ida Lynd (1857-1943) an indomitable early Canadian woman doctor
1857 -
Born Georgea Powell (1857-1925) headed the 1st group of nurses to the Yukon in 1898
1857 -
Born Mary Ella Dignam (1857-1938) feminist, artist, founder of the Women's Art Association of Canada
February 27, 1857 -
Born Adelaide Hoodless (1857-1910) social activist & founder of the International Women's Institutes & Victoria Order of Nurses
April 26, 1857 - Born Agnes Elizabeth Wetherald (1857-1940) freelance journalist

July 27, 1857-
Born Dr. Augusta Stowe-Gullen (1957- 1943)  Mount Pleasant, Canada West 1st woman to graduate in medicine from a Canadian university
November 1, 1857 - Born Julia Jane Murray Clark (1857-1919) pioneering social activist for child welfare
December 1857 - Born Jane Flett McKay (1857-1947) pioneer of the Canadian North West
December 10, 1858 -
Born Margaret Ridley Charlton (1858-1931) educated as a librarian, she became an author of books for children

Deaths 1857:
1857 -  Died Charlotte Small (1786-1857)  pioneer
December 28, 1857 - Died Isabel Macdonald (? -1857) wife of Sir J. A. Macdonald (1815-1891),  1st Prime minister of Canada
1858 January 27, 1858 - It is officially announced that Queen Victoria (1819-1901) has chosen Ottawa as the capital city of Canada. (at that time Canada consisted of Upper and Lower Canada now the provinces of Ontario and Quebec)

April 7, 1858 -
Thomas D'Arcy McGee (1825-1868), one of the Fathers of Confederation, is assassinated

April 26, 1858 - The 1st Black Californians arrive by ship in Victoria, British Columbia
on the invitation of James Douglas (1803-1877), the governor of British Columbia.  By summer's end, more than 800 Black settlers had arrived. While government legislation suggested that equality prevailed, in truth, convention and little enforcement allowed acceptance to give way to segregation Source: Historica; Black History - Timeline

1858 - the 1st child care centres are organized in Quebec by the Grey Nuns

1858 -
Female teachers with little experience teaching the lower grades at school earn $170.00 a year in Toronto while male teachers earn $520.00 per year Source: Janet Ray, Towards Women’s Rights, Toronto, Grolier Ltd, 1981.  

December 20, 1858 -
The maple leaf is 1st used as a symbol of Canada

Births 1858:
1858 -
Born Mary Ellen Birties (1858-1943)
earlyt graduate of the nursing program at the Winnipeg General Hospital,  Member of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).
1858 - Born Friselda Caisse (1858-1948) local social activist in Ontario

1858 -
Born Mary Elizabeth Crowley (1858-1869) 1st female in Canada to have a monument erected in her honor
1858 -
Born Gertrude E. Cutts (1858-1941) well known artist of her era
1858 - Born Elizabeth Ferguson McKellop (1858-1938) pioneer of Canadian North West
January 1, 1858 - Born Jemima Bray (1858-1926), pioneer in Canadian North West
April 16, 1858 - Born Lily Dougall (1868-1923) novelist & religious writer
July 16, 1858 - Born Partial Edith Fanny Kirk (1858-1953) water colour  landscape artist
September 17, 1858 -
Born Maria-Clara Dorimène Roy-Desjardins (1856-1932) businesswoman & banker of Desjardins
October 4, 1858 -
Born Ellen Mary Knox (1858-1924) founding principal of Havergal Ladies College, Toronto, Ontario

Deaths 1858:
1858 - Died Mary Whitmore Hoople (1757-1858)  pioneer woman known as the 'Medicine Maid' & 'Granny Hoople', she used natural remedies to help the sick.

1859 1859 - The legislature of the province of Canada passes an Act to Secure to Married Women Certain Rights of Property grants married women with certain property rights in  Canada. Women may own property but they require the agreement of their husband to sell property.Source: History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

Births 1859:
1859 -
Annie Mackenzie Cleland (1859-1919) indomitable early Canadian woman doctor
1859 - Born Susie Frances Harrison (1858-1935)  used the pen name 'Seranus' and wrote novels & poetry.
1859 - Born Jean Newton McIlwraith (1959-1938) author.
January 18, 1859 -
Born Elizabeth Smith-Shortt. (1859-1949) pioneer women doctor
March 31, 1859 - Born Alice Ravenhill (1859-1954) social activist & author
April 11, 1859 - Born Agnes Dennis (1859-1949) social activist
September 2, 1859 - Born Georgina Alexandrina Newhall (1859-1932) journalist & poet
September 8, 1859 - Born Marion Elizabeth Crerar (1859-1919) social activist, volunteer & philanthropist

Deaths 1859:
June 14, 1859 - Died
Sophia Sims Dalton(1785?- 1859)  the 1st woman to run a newspaper, The Patriot, in Toronto, Ontario
1860 February 29, 1860 - Mrs. Kwong Lee arrives in Victoria, British Columbia, the 1st Chinese woman to come to Canada Source: Jin Guo: Voices of Chinese Canadian Women by The Chinese Canadian National Council, Toronto : Toronto Women's Press, 1992 pg. 18.

December 1860 - Harriet Tubman
(1820?-1913) leader her last group of escaping slaves from Maryland, U.S.A. to safety in Canada Source: 100 Canadian Heroines : Famous and forgotten faces by Merna Forester. Toronto : Dundurn Press, 2004. pg 267.

Births 1860:
1860 -
Born Helena Jane Coleman (1880-1953) author & poet
1860 -
Born Ada May Courtice (1860-1923) founder of the Home & School Movement
1860 -
Born Mary Newton (1860- ???) 1st lay nurse in Edmonton, Alberta
1860 -
Born Katherine Elizabeth Wallis (1860-1957) a sculptor who was decorated by Britain and France for her nursing efforts in World War l
February 6, 1860 -  Born Henriette Saint-Jacques (1860-1946) journalist & author of several books
April 28, 1860 - Born Helena Jane Coleman (1860-1953) journalist & novelist
June 7, 1860 - Born Helen Elizabeth Reynolds Ryan (1860-1947) 1st woman doctor in Northern Ontario
June 11, 1869 -
Ada Borradaile Chipman (1860?-1913) organized Woman's Art Association for women in 1907
June 18, 1860 -
Born Laura Muntz Lyall (1860-1930) artist
July 14, 1860  - Born Alice Jane Jamieson (1860-1949) 1st woman in the British Empire appointed as  judge. in juvenile court
August 29, 1860 - Born Margaret Lucas (1860-1922, pioneer in North West Canada
December 17, 1860 - Born Lady Grace Julia Parker Drummond (1860-1942) a social activist

1860 -
Died Margaret McLaughlin (1775? - 1860) pioneer of the Canadian North West
1860 -
Died Ann Cuthbert Fleming ( ? - 1860) teacher, poet & author
1860 - Died Ann Harvey (1811-1860) heroine who risked her life to save people from floundering ships off Newfoundland
February 5, 1860 - Died Harriet Powel (1815?- 860) escaped slave who used the underground railroad
March 17, 1860 - Died Anna Brownell Jameson, (1794-1860) author
May 1860  - Died Marie-Henriette LeJeune Ross 'Granny Ross' (1762-1860) pioneer settler, scientist & medical practitioner
1861 1861 - The population of Canada is 1,396,000

May 25,1861 -
Sarah Emma Evelyn Edmonds
(1841-1898) joins the Union Army to serve as Frank Thompson, nurse and Union spy in the American Civil War.

September 19, 1861 -
The Wesleyan Ladies College is opened on King St. in Hamilton, Ontario in the former Anglo-American Hotel. It is both a day and boarding school and offers courses in literature, music, art and modern languages.

Births 1861:
1861 -
Born Marion Coutts Carson (1861-1950) social activist in Alberta.
1861 -
Born Marie Rose Delorme-Smith (1861-1960) Métis pioneer
1861 -
Born Harriett Armine Gosling (1861-1942) social activist, community volunteer  & suffragette.
1861 -
Born Eliza Parks Hegan (1861-1917) one of 1st nurses trained in New Brunswick.
1861 -
Born Cécile Laberge (1861-1948) journalist & one of the founders of the Canadian Women's Press Club. 1904.
1861 - Born Annie Louisa Prat (1861- 1960) Nova Scotia artist.  
1861 -
Born Georgina Fane Pope (1862-1938) The Florence Nightingale of Prince Edward Island and 1st Matron of the Canadian Army Medical Corp.
1861 -
Born Sadie O. Prince (1861-1905) poet.
1861 -
Mary Townsend Schaffer (1861-1939) historian & author.
January 14, 1861 - Born Margaret Blair Gordon (1861-1928) indomitable early Canadian woman doctor.

March 10, 1861 - Born Pauline Johnson, (1861-1913) Canada's 1st  renowned native poet.
April 5, 1861 - Born Minna Keen (1861-1943) pioneer photographer.
April 13, 1861 - Born Margaret Marshall Saunders (1861-1947) author of the 1st Canadian book to sell a million copies.
April 18, 1861 - Born Isabella 'Belle' (1861-1936) political life & doyenne of Calgary, Alberta
June 12, 1861 -
Born Mabel Phoebe Peters (1861-1914) suffragist & social activist in education.
September 18, 1861 - Born E. Cora Hind, (1861-1942) 1st woman journalist in the Canadian west  & women's rights activist.
October 4, 1861 - Born Mary Townsend Schaffer Warren (1861-1939) 19th century explorer in Canadian North West.
October 11, 1861 - Born Mary Ellen Smith (1861-1933) 1st woman appointed Cabinet Minister in the British Empire.
October 23, 1861 - Born
Margaret Mackellar (1861-1941) an indomitable early lady doctor.
December 5, 1861 - Born Josephine Herélle-Henriette Marchand-Dandurand (1861-1925) 1st woman to edit a French language periodical in Canada.
1862 September 18, 1862 - The 'Bride-ship' Tynemouth arrives in British Columbia bringing 60 single women from England to become wives to the predominantly male population. The arrangements had been made by the Columbia Emigration Society working with the Anglican Church.

1862 -
Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, accepts the 1st woman student at a Canadian university.

1862 - Catherine Schubert (1835-1918) and her husband join a group of prospectors heading to the Caribou Gold fields. Catherine was 4 months pregnant when she and her husband began their overland trek across the prairies and the Rocky Mountains with their other 3 children ages 5,3, & 1. Source: Archives of British Columbia. Catherine O'Hare Schubert (accessed May 20, 2005)

Births 1862:
1862 -
Born Eva Jeannette Fisher (1862-  ?) an indomitable early woman doctor
1862 - Born - Constance Easton Hamilton (1862-1945) 1st woman in Canada elected to serve in a large metropolitan area.
1862 -
Lily Adams Beck (1862?-1931) author.
1862 - Born Josephine Dandurand (1862-1925) journalist who used the penname 'Josette'.

1862 - Born Mary Agnes Fitzgibbon (1862-1933) journalist who used the penname 'Lally Bernard'.
1862 -
Born Sara Jeanette Duncan ( 1862-1922) journalist & author of some 20 books.
1862 - Born Rose de Lima Lefebre (1862-1919) Sister Vincent, pioneer of Canadian North West.
1862 - Born Christine Pilon (1862-1959) pioneer of the North West rebellion in Manitoba.
January 4, 1862 - Born Janet Chisholm Lee (1862-1940) worked with Adelaide Hoodless to establish Women's Institutes.

January 7, 1862 -
Born Helen MacMurchy (1862-1953) the 1st woman doctor to intern at Toronto General Hospital
January 14, 1862 -
Born Carrie Derick, (1862-1941) 1st woman in Canada to become a full professor.
June 18, 1862 - Born Minnie Julia Beatrice Campbell (1862-1952) social activist & prominent volunteer.

June 27, 1862 -
Born May Irwin (1862-1938.) stage performer & star of a pioneering one minute movie by Thomas Edison.
November 4, 1862 - Born Jean Blewett (1862-1934) journalist, novelist & poet.

Deaths 1862:
May 9, 1862 -
Mary (Maria) Elizabeth Alexowina Muir (1785-1862) heroine of the war of 1812.
August 14, 1862 - Susanne Connolly (La Sauvagess of Suzanne Pas de Nom) 1788-1862) pioneer & only woman who's legal marriage claim rose to the supreme court.
1863 Births 1863:
1863 -
Born Dr. Jennie Wildman (1863-1953) established the Department of Gynecology at the Women’s College Hospital
1863 - Born Bertha Carr-Harris (1863-1949) author.
1863 - Born Harriet Oliver (1863-1943) pioneer of western Canada & political wife.
February 26, 1863 - Born Robertine Barry (1863-1910) pioneer feminist lecturer & writer, considered the 1st woman journalist in French Canada.
May 19, 1863 - Born Bertha Hannah Wright Carr-Harris (1863-1949) author & social activist
July 23, 1863 -
Born Teresa Mary Gowanlock, (1863-1899) pioneer settler of Canadian North West.
October 11, 1863 - Born Mary Ellen Smith  (1863-1933.) 1st woman elected to British Columbia Legislature & 1st woman appointed to a Cabinet in the British Empire.
December 21, 1863 - Born Rebecca 'Rivka' Fox Landsberg (1863-1917) social activist for Canadian immigrant Jewish families.

Deaths 1863:
1863 -
Died Rhoda Ann Page (1826-1863) author.
March 13, 1863 - Died
Helen Mar Johnson (1834-1863) poet (Death sometimes recorded as 1862)
1864 1864 - The Yorkville Archery Cub, Toronto, is established as the 1st in Canada.

1864 - John Torrance (1786-1870) a Montreal businessman, establishes the Elizabeth Torrance Gold Medal, in memory of his wife Elizabeth (Fisher) Torrance (1794-1862), at McGill University, Montreal, and is presented to the student with the highest standing throughout BCL degree.  Source: McGill University accessed June 2013.

October 14, 1864 - Governor General Lord Monck hosts a ball in the Parliament Buildings in Quebec providing entertainment for those who were attending the Quebec Conference which led to the Canadian Confederation in 1867. Source:
Anne McDonald, Mercy Coles of PEI in Canada’s History , August –September 2014.

Births 1864:
1864 - Born Florence Carlyle (1864-1923) outstanding portrait artist.
1864 -
Lavina Clark (1864-1905) Methodist missionary to Canadian North West.
1864 - Born Kathleen “Kit” Coleman, (1864-1915)  the world’s 1st woman war correspondent (during  the Spanish American War.)
1864 - Born
Mary Alexander Bell Eastlake (1864-1951) artist
1864 -
Born Rosalind Goforth (1864-1942) author.
1864 - Born Lydia Elizabeth 'Eliza or Lyda' Hall (1864-1916) evangelist with sister, she was known as a gifted preacher.
1864 -
Born Mary Alfretta "Retta" Gifford Kilborn (1864-1942) Methodist medical missionary in China.

1864 -
Born Sara Mary Lynch-Stanton (1864-1953) western Canadian pioneer & artist.
1864 -
Born Annie Midlige (1864-1947) fur trader and Pioneer in eastern Quebec
January 7, 1864 -
Born  Helen Gregory McGill, (1864-1947) 1st woman to be appointed a judge of juvenile court in her region.
February 17, 1864 - Born Jane Elizabeth MacDonald (1864-1922) author & poet.
May 6, 1864 - Born Florence Rosalind Goforth (1864-1942) 1st Presbyterian Missionary to China with her husband
July 14, 1864 -
Born Amanda Matilda Nilsson (1864-1940) pioneer in Canadian North West
July 29 1864 - Born
Annie Gardner Brown (1864-1921) social activist & volunteer.
October 2, 1864 - Born Margaret Jane "Nellie Bryant (1864/5?-1947) early woman photographer, possible the 1st to use dry places in a camera.
October 11, 1864 - Born Annie Ella Higbee (1864 -1965) indomitable early Canadian woman doctor

Deaths 1864:
April 5, 1864 - Died Marie Rosalie Cadron (1794-1864) Sister Marie De La Nativité, pioneer social worker.
1865 April 1, 1865 - 'Baie du Ha! Ha!' Quebec, the 1st Canadian April Fool's Day on record celebrated by British troops and militia at Fort Poisson d'avril.

1865 -
American abolitionist and writer Benjamin Drew, conducted research in Canada in the 1850s and interviewed many former slaves about the Black refugee experience. In 1865 he published an interview with an elderly woman named Sophia Pooley who claimed to have been one of Joseph Brant's slaves and the "1st Black girl in Upper Canada." Source: Historica: Black  History; Timeline (Accessed March 2007)

1865 -
Born Helen Beatrice Palen (1865-1971)
the 1st woman Registrar of the Supreme Court of Ontario.
1865 - Born Annie Charlotte Dalton (1865-1938) author
1865 - Born Marie Vitaline Dudemaine (1865-1933) Sister Mary Anastase.

1865 - Born Virna Sheard (1865-1943) poet & short storey writer.
1865 -
Emily Poynton Weaver (1865-1943) historian & author.
1865 - Born Annie Charlotte Dalton (1865-1938) author
February 13, 1865 -
Born Hattie Walker (1865-1943) social activist
April 17, 1865 - Born Victoria Grace Blackburn (1865-1928) journalist, editor & novelist
December 9,1865
- Born Annie Charlotte Dalton (1865-1938) a poet who was inducted into the Order of the British Empire (OBE)..

Deaths 1865:

1865 - Died James Miranda Stuart Barry
(1795-1865)  the 1st “woman” doctor in the British Army!!!
August 4,1865 - Died Florence Daly Thompson, (1865-1915) accomplished artist, successful and published science researcher & librarian.
October 8 1865 - Died
Belinda Molony (1781-1865) Sister Mary Xavier of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, established girls school in Newfoundland.

1866 Births 1866:
1866 - Born Aletta Elise Marty (1865-1929) Canada's 1st woman inspector of schools & author.
January 6, 1866 - Born Elizabeth Matheson (1866-1958) an early doctor in Manitoba who practiced for 50 years.
January 8, 1866 - Born Elizabeth Annie McGillivray Knowles (1866-1928) nature study artist.
February 3, 1866 - Born
Alice Amelia Chown (1866-1949) suffragist & author.
February 24, 1866 -
Born Martha Louise Black (1866-1957), adventurer & politician, considered to be the First Lady of the Yukon.
April 3, 1866 - Born Georgina Ann Stirling (1866-1935) opera singer.
April 7, 1866 -
Born Harriet Irene Dunlop Prenter (1866-????) one of 1st women to run in a Canadian federal election
May 31, 1866 -
Born Sophia Margaretta Hensley (1866-1946) author, lecturer & social activist who wrote under male pen names.
August 29, 1866 - Born Agnes Maria Turnbull  (1866-1907) Presbyterian medical missionary in India awarded the Kaisar-i-Hind medal for services.

Deaths 1866:
January 13, 1866 -
Mary Love (1806-1866) 1st Canadian born artist to have works lithographed (drawn to stone for printing and reproduction.)
July 9, 1866 - Died Susan Sibbald (1783-1866) pioneer & diarist.
August 1, 1866 - Died Marie Louise Dorval (1797-1866) a nun & Mother Superior.
1867 February 16,1867 - Sir John A. Macdonald (1815- 1891) marries Susan Agnes Bernard, (1836-1920) the sister of his personal secretary.

July 1, 1867 -
Confederation of Canadian Provinces.

1867 - Laws concerning prostitution are consolidated into the Criminal Code of Canada

1867 - Dr. Emily Stowe (1831-1903)  graduates in medicine from New York State University, but is not legally allowed to practice in Canada until 1880. Source: History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

October 23, 1867 - 72 men are summoned by Royal Proclamation to serve as the 1st members of the Canadian Senate. It would not be until 1930 before a woman is appointed to the Canadian Senate.

1867 - Susannah Oland (1798-1886) 1st brews a batch of brown October Ale in her backyard in Nova Scotia and a family brewery that would become known for  Moose Head Beer was born.

Births 1867:
1867 - Born Helena Walker (1867-1963) 1st woman elected as alderman in Regina Saskatchewan.
1867 - Born Flora Macdonald Denison (1867-1921) journalist & suffragist & successful Toronto businesswoman.
1867 -
Born Edith Eaton (1867-1914) author.
April 4, 1867 -
Born Victoria Cartier (1867-1955) pianist, organist & teacher.
October 19, 1867 -
Marie Gerin-Lajoie (1867-1945) champion of women's rights in Quebec.
December 4, 1867 - Born Sibella Annie Barrington (1867-1929) pioneer nurse in Canada's Maritimes.
December 28, 1867 - Born Joanna E. Wood (1867- 1927) author

Deaths 1867:
November 28, 1867 -
Died J
ulia Catherine Hart (1796-1867) author who wrote the 1st work of fiction by a native born Canadian to be published in Canada.
1868 1868 - Sisters Susanna Moodie (1803-1885) and Catherine Parr Traill, (1802-1899) in order to earn money to live on by publishing their book: Canadian Wild Flowers.

1868 -
The Hebrew Ladies' Sick and benevolent Society (later known as the Montefiore Hebrew Benevolent Society) is founded in Toronto, Ontario. Source. Jewish Women's Archives: Jewish Women, a comprehensive historical Encyclopedia. online (accessed July 2011)

Births 1868:
1868 - Born Annie Mackinnon Fitch (1868-1940) noted mathematician.
1868 - Born
Margaret Alexandra Shea (1863-1949) 1st woman to be a professional nurse in Newfoundland.
1868 - Born Minnie Sophia Prat (1868-1901) book binder
January 9, 1868 -  Born  Irene Parleby (1868-1965) one of the "Famous Five" who worked on the Persons Case 1929.

January 16, 1868 - Born Octavia Grace England (1868-  ) 1st woman to be valedictorian at McGill University.
February 12, 1868 - Born
Jessie Georgina Sime (1868-1958) author
February 23, 1868 - Born Mary Sollace Saxe (1868-1942) librarian Westmont Public Library, author & playwright.

March 14, 1868 - Born
Emily Murphy  (1868-1933.)  the 1st woman appointed magistrate (judge of a lower court) in the British Empire.
August 8, 1868 - Born Julia Willmothe Henshaw (1868-1937) botanist, journalist & novelist.
August 10, 1868 - Born Alice Helena Berry (1868-1919) pioneer businesswoman of Prince Edward Island.
September 22, 1868 -
Born Louise McKinney (1868-1931) one of the two 1st women elected to a provincial legislature & member of the 'Famous 5' who worked on the Persons Case. 
November 4, 1868 - Born Dorothy Sproule (1868-1963) poet.
November 16, 1868 - Born Almanda Walker-Marchand (1868-1949) founder Federation des femmes-française.

Deaths 1868:
March 29, 1868 - Died
Henrietta Feller (1800-1868) founder of the protestant mission at Grande-Ligne, Quebec.
1869 1869 - Manitoba joins the Dominion of Canada.

1869 - A clause in Section 6 of the Act for Gradual Enfranchisement of Indians states that " any Indian woman marrying other than an Indian shall cease to be an Indian, as will be the children of such marriage."

1869 -
Abortion is made illegal, under threat of life imprisonment. Dissemination of information about birth control is also illegal. Source : A History of Abortion in Canada (accessed July 30, 2003)

1869 -
An Ontario Law requires all doctors wishing to practice medicine in the province to obtain a license from the Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Any doctor who had graduated in the United States had to attend a session of lectures at an Ontario medical school. Since women were not accepted at any Ontario medical schools, Doctors like Emily Stowe (1831-1903) simply practiced without a license. Source: Janet Ray, Towards Women’s Rights, Toronto, Grolier Ltd, 1981.  

1869 -
Born Julia Wilmotte Henshaw (1869-1937) botanist, novelist & WW l Veteran.
March 14, 1899 -
Born Fannie/Fanny McNeil (1869-1928) social activist, suffragette & one of 1st women candidates for election in Newfoundland
March 18, 1869 -
Born Maud Abbott (1869-1940) internationally acclaimed medical doctor who specialized in the study of heart disease.
April 8, 1869 - Born Sara "Sadie" Ann Stringer (1869-1955) Anglican Church Missionary to the Canadian North West
May 2, 1869 - Born Julia Arthur (1869-1950) international stage actor & movie star.

Deaths 1869:
1869 - Died Mary Elizabeth Crowley (1858-1869) 1st female in Canada to have a monument erected in her honor
1870 1870 - The 1st woman is employed in the federal public service as deputy maton in Kingston Penitentiary.

1870 -
Female teachers in Toronto earn $220.00 to $400.00 per year depending on experience while male teachers earn $500.00 to $700.00 per year. Source: Janet Ray, Towards Women’s Rights, Toronto, Grolier Ltd, 1981.  

1870 - Agnes Blizzard  establishes the 1st Canadian Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) in Saint John, New Brunswick. Source: History of the YWCA

1870 - Frances Anne Hopkins
shows 16 works at the Art Association of Montreal. It is the largest showing from any one woman to this date. Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

July 5, 1870 - Annie Emma Affleck (1845-1913) marries future Prime Minister John Sparrow David Thompson (1845-1894) at the Bishop's Palace, Portland Maine, U.S.A. Sources: “Obituary”, The Toronto Evening Telegram, April 11, 1913. ; “Annie Emma Affleck”, Dictionary of Canadian Biography 1911-1920, vol. XIV Online Accessed April 2013. 

1870 - The 1st public monument erected to a Canadian woman is dedicated in Pugwash, Nova Scotia by the provincial legislature. The Crowley Memorial commemorates the heroic death of Mary Elizabeth Crowley (1858-1869) who died October 15,1869, aged 12 years after having rescued her younger brother and sister from the flames of her parent's home.

Births 1870:
1870 - Born Jessie Tarbox Beals (1870-1942) 1st woman photojournalist in North America
1870 -
Born Susan Mellett Bowen (1870-1962) Anglican Church missionary to the Canadian North West.
1870 -
Born Louise Duffield Cummings (1870-1947) renowned mathematician.
1870 -
Born Evelyn Durand (1870-1900) poet.
1870 -
Born Margaret "Miggsy" Graham (1870-1924) journalist one of the founders of the Canadian Women's Press Club (CWPC)
1870 - Born Lillian Margaret Hendrie, (1870-1952) teacher & author.
1870 - Born Mina Hubbard (1870-1956) Labrador adventurer & explorer.
1870 - Born
Mabel Annesley Johnston (1870-1945) author
1870 - Born Rose-Anna Vachon (1870?- 1948) baker & businesswoman
February 4, 1870 - Born Janet Wishart Carter (1870-1953) renowned educator in Ontario.
March 18, 1870 - Born Agnes Baxter (1870-1917) pioneer woman mathematician.
March 29, 1870 - Born Marie--Louise-Joséphine-Ester-Eliza Marmette (1870- 1928) pioneer journalist
June 25, 1970 - Born Jeannie Isabelle Dow (1870-1927) Presbyterian medical missionary in China.
1871 1871 - More than 50% of the light manufacturing workforce I.E. shoemaking, printing, & tobacco are women and children

June 17, 1871 -
Canadian Anna Swan (1846-1888), the world's tallest woman, marries Martin Van Buren Bates (1837-1919), world's tallest man, in London, England

July 20, 1871 -
British Columbia joins Confederation

1871 - The Census of Canada states that Montreal's workforce is 42% women and children and 34% in Toronto

1871 -
The Ontario School Act, very progressive for its time, provides free school for both boys and girls
Source: The Timechart history of Canada by Meredith Macardle (2004)

1871 -
The Manitoba Act Respecting Married Women allows women to keep ownership of property, but any wages made must go to her spouse unless he is judged cruel or insane
Source: History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

May 10, 1871 - the Montreal Ladies Educational Association is founded with Anne Molson as President. They had honorary male members and a male treasurer. Their main goal was to have women accepted as students at McGill College

Births 1871:
1871 -
Born Augusta Edith Ariss (1871-1952) Registered Nurse & Deaconess, Methodist Church, founder Grand Falls Montana, U.S.A. Nursing School
1871 - Born Antoinette Gérin-Lajoie (1871-1945) journalist, one of the founders of Canadian Women's Press Club (CWPC) in 1904
1871 -
Born Anna "Annie" Jamieson (1871-1952) education activist
1871 -
Born Mildred Ware (1871-1905) pioneer rancher in Canadian west
January 31, 1871 -
Marie Arzélie Éva Circé-Côté (1871-1949) journalist, playwright, 1st Librarian for Montreal
February 1871 -
Born Agnes Christina Laut (1871-1936) a journalist & author who ventured into political commentary
April 25, 1871 -
Born Georgina Binnie-Clark (1871-1947) journalist & farmer
May 14, 1871 - Born Marion Osborne (1871-1931) poet, playwright & author
November 13, 1871 - Born Pearl Hart (1871-1955) woman stagecoach robber
December 1871 - Born Mary Walker Dobson (1871-1955) teacher who received
King’s Coronation Medal 1937

Deaths: 1871
September 14, 1871 - Died Elizabeth Speed Beaven, (? - 1871)  author

1872 1872 - The Married Women’s Property Act of Ontario gives a married woman the right to her own wage earnings free from her husband’s control Source: History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013
1872 - Women with dependant children who have no husband may have homestead land in accordance with the Public Lands of the Dominion Statutes

1872 -
The 1st women's prison (girls over 16 years) in Canada is opened in Toronto, Ontario. This Andrew Mercer Reformatory
will be closed in 1969 after controversial allegations of torture, beatings and experimental drugs and medical procedures were investigated

Births 1872:
Born Kathleen Barrett Blanchard (1872-1954) music historian
1872 -
Born Pearle Smith Chute (1872-????) 1st woman doctor to intern in Canada & became a medical Missionary to India.
1872 -
Born Minerva Ellen Reid (1872-1957) medical doctor, Chief of Surgery Women's College Hospital, Toronto
January 6, 1872 - Born Emilie Tremblay (1872-1949) pioneer of the Yukon & 1st white woman to climb the Chilkoot trail in 1894
March 16, 1872 - Born Sara Corning (1872-1969) a nurse & heroine who save 5000 Armenian children in 1922. 

Deaths 1873:
1872 -
Died Charlotte deGrassi (1823-1872) heroine of the 1937 rebellion in Upper Canada
July 15,1872 -
Mary Eliza Herbert (1832-1872) 1st woman editor & publisher of a magazine in Nova Scotia
October 24, 1872 -
Died Frances Stewart (1794-1872) pioneer diarist & letter writer
1873 1873 - Northwest Mounted Police are formed

1873 - Prince Edward Island enters Confederation

1873 - The British Columbia provincial government passes legislation granting all the women of British Columbia the right to vote in municipal elections but they were still not allowed to run for election

1873 - YWCA = Young Woman's Christian Association  is established in Toronto
Source: History of the YWCA

March 1, 1873 - E. Remington & Sons begin producing typewriters

April 30, 1873 - Tookoolito
(1838-1876) is rescued as one of 19 survivors of 6 1/2 months on a ice flow in the Canadian arctic (the survivors had been separated from their ship the Polaris)

Births 1873:
1873 -
Born Mary Riter Hamilton (1873-1954) artist of World War l European battlefields
1873 -
Born Mary Helen Irwin Rutnam (1873-1962) medical missionary in Ceylon who established the Women's Institute in Ceylon
1873 -
Born Mary Barrett Speechly (1873-1968) social activist & member Women's Institutes
May 6, 1873  -
Born Henrietta Tuzo Wilson (1873-1955) The 1st Canadian born woman mountaineer.
May 20,1873 - Born
Henrietta Hancock Britton (1873-1963) painter & teacher
June 13, 1873 - Born Jean Adair (1873-1953) movie actor
August 27, 1873 - Born Maud Allan (1873-1956) pioneer of modern dance
October 20, 1873- Born Nellie  McClung (1873-1851) author & social activist

Deaths 1873:
1873 - Died Matilda Davis (1820-1873) pioneer educator
1874 1874 - Russian Mennonites (Anabaptists) start to arrive in Manitoba from various Russian colonies.

1874 -
YWCA = Young Women's Christian Association is established in Montreal Source: History of the YWCA

July 26, 1874  - Alexander Graham Bell discloses the invention of the telephone to his family in Brantford, Ontario

1874 -   The Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) is founded in Owen Sound, Ontario
Source: History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

1874 -
The Ontario Ladies College is opened in Whitby, Ontario

1874 - The 1st nurses training school opens at the General and Marine Hospital in St. Catherines, Ontario

1874 - Jane Flett McKay
(1857-1947), marries Dr. William Morrison Mckay who is considered Alberta's 1st resident doctor and she becomes a medical assistant to her husband.
Source: Kay Saunderson, 200 Remarkable Alberta Women, (Famous Five Foundation, 1999)

Births 1874:
1874 - Born Elizabeth Rebecca Laird (1874-1969) a
 physics teacher & college administrator who after she retired she became a researcher
1874 - Born Clara Brett Martin (1874-1923) the 1st woman admitted to the profession of law in the British Empire
August 10, 1874 - Born Arabelle "Belle" Frances Patchen (1874-1952)  northwestern pioneer
November 3,1874 - Born Florence Livesay (1874-1953) journalist & poet
December 16, 1874 - Born Nellie Langford Rowell (1874-1968) social activist & philanthropist

Deaths 1874:
October 31, 1874 -
Albine Gadbois (1830-1874) Sister Marie d'Bonsecoues, founder & director of the Institution des sourdes-muettes de Montreal
December 6, 1874 -  Died Isabella Binney Cogswell (1819-1874) humanitarian & philanthropist
1875 1875 - The Supreme Court of Canada is established

May 25, 1875 - Grace Annie Lockhart (1855-1916)
graduates from Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, becoming the 1st woman in the British Empire to earn a university degree

1875 -  Charlotte Whitehead Ross (1843-1916) is the 1st woman to practice medicine in Montreal (she is not licensed) Source: Government of Manitoba. Status of Women. Women working for Healthy Communities by Ada Ducas et all October 2001. Online. Accessed December 2011

1875 - Dr. Jennie Trout (1841-1921) returns from a medical school in the U.S.A. with her medical degree in her hand. She is the 1st woman licensed to practice medicine in Canada

1875 - Married women’s property legislation is passed in Manitoba

1875 - Elizabeth Barrett (   -1888) arrives in Alberta. She is the 1st professional teacher in Alberta
Source: 200 remarkable Alberta women. Online (Accessed October 2014)

1875 - Henrietta Muir Edwards (1849-1931)  & her sister open the Working Girl's Association in Montreal. It offers a boarding house, a reading room, classes & meal services

1875 -
The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) is established in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Quebec City, Quebec Source: History of the YWCA

1875 -
Born Belle Choné-Oliver (1875-1947) an indomitable lady medical missionary
1875 -
Born Mabel Louise Hannington (1875?-1966) early woman medical missionary in China & medical inspector of schools in New Brunswick
1875 -
Born Eva Maude Powley (1875-   ) the 2nd woman in Ontario to be called to the bar & become a lawyer
1875 -
Born Helen Armstrong (1875-1947) feminist, only woman leader in Winnipeg general strike
1875 -
Born Mae Garnett (1875?-1984) one of the 1st women general news reporters in western Canada
1875 -
Born Eleanor 'Ella' Johnson (1875-1950) Journalist & 1st woman taxi driver in British Columbia
1875 -
Born Jean Ethel MacLachian (1875-1963) 1st person to be a Saskatchewan Juvenile Court Judge
1875 -
Born Winnifred Eaton (1875-1964) Onoto Watanna 1st known author of Asian descent to be published in America
1875 -
Alice Mary Schneider (1875-1962) pioneer of Northern Ontario
1875 -
Born Margaret May McWilliams, (1875-1952) author & founder of the Canadian Federation of University Women
February 15, 1875 - Born Annie Harvie Ross Foster (1875-1974) nurse turned author & journalist

February 25, 1875 -
Born Edith Berkeley (1875-1963) world authority on the classification of marine worms & noted botanist.
August 16, 1875 - Born Fanny Helen Leech Felker-Faucault (1875-1955) pianist in British Columbia until the 1940's
September 2, 1875 -
Born Isabel Constance Mary Stanley (Lady Stanley) (1875-1963) daughter of Governor-General Lord Stanley & great proponent of sport of Hockey
October 5, 1875 - Born Anne-Marie Gleason (1875-1943) pioneer journalist known mainly as "Madeleine"
November 15, 1875  - Born Josephine A. Daphinee (1875-1977) a founder of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women
November 25, 1875 - Born Isabel Ecclestone MacKay (1875-1928) author, poet & playwright
December 27, 1875 - Born Marie Jeanne Antoinette Antctil (1875-1926) educator

Deaths 1875:
October 25, 1875 -
Died Maria Miller
(1813-1875) artist of wild flowers
October 28, 1875 - Died Mary Frances Ann Morris Miller (1813-1875) 1st professional woman artist in Nova Scotia
December 14, 1875 -
Marie-Anne Lagemodiére,  (1780-1875.) one of the 1st white women to visit such outposts as Red River & Fort Edmonton

1876 1876 - A British common law ruling attests that women are persons in matters of pains and penalties, but are not persons in matters of rights & privileges. Source: History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

1876 - The Toronto Women's Literary Club is founded by Dr Emily Howard Stowe (1831-1903) and her daughter, Dr Augusta Stowe-Gullen. (1857-1943). The group is  created for suffrage activities

1876 - The 1st meeting of the Women's Foreign Mission Society of the Presbyterian Church is held in Toronto, Ontario

Births 1876:
January 10, 1876 - Born  Norah Mary Holland, (1876-1925) a well-respected author 7 poet 
April 1, 1876 - Born Harriet Tremaine Meiklejohn (1876-1952) World War l Nursing Sister & acclaimed nursing administrator
April 3,1876 - Born Margaret Anglin (1876-1958) daughter of the Speaker of the House in the Canadian parliament she was born in the speaker's chambers
April 26, 1876 - Born Edith MacTavish Rogers (1876-1947) 1st woman elected to the Manitoba Legislature (1920)
June 2, 1876 -
Born Mary Elizabeth Crawford (1876-1953) indomitable lady doctor
July 13, 1876 -  Born Ethel Mary Babbit (1876-1969) medal winning tennis player
November 12, 1876 - Born Katherine Angelina Hughes (1876-1925) journalist one of the 16 founders of the Canadian Womens Press Club in 1904 & 1st provincial archivist of Alberta
December 29, 1876 -
Born Hannah (Annie) Elizabeth Gale (1876-1970) in 1917 she became the 1st woman in the British Empire to become an alderman

Deaths 1876:
1876 -
Died Catherine McPherson (1789?-1876) pioneer settler of the Red River settlement
April 5, 1876 - Died Elizabeth Bruyère (1818-1876) founder of the Grey Nuns of Ottawa & founder of schools and hospitals in Ottawa
December 31, 1876 - Died
Tookoolito (1838-1876) Inuit interpreter & life skills teacher to Artic explorers. She is a National Historic Person

1877 1877 - The University of Manitoba is created. It is the oldest university in western Canada

1877 - Dr. Emily Stowe (1831-1903) establishes the Women's Literacy Club, primarily a consciousness-raising group which is the forerunner of the women's suffrage organizations

1877 - Onésime Dorval
(1845-1932) is the 1st trained teacher to arrive in the Red River Settlement Source: Directory of Designations of National Historic Significance of Canada (accessed July 2005)

1877 - Dr Lenora King
(1851-1925) sails for Shanghai, the 1st Canadian Doctor to serve in China, some 60 years before Dr. Norman Bethune Source: Merna Forster, 100 Canadian women: familiar and forgotten Faces ( Dundurn, 2004)

1877 -
The Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society is founded in Montreal, Quebec
Source. Jewish Women's Archives: Jewish Women, a comprehensive historical Encyclopedia. online (accessed July 2011)

1877 -
The 1st commercial telephone in Canada is installed in Hamilton, Ontario

Births 1877:
1877 -
Born Alice Marion Curtis (1877-1964) social activist in Home & school associations
1877 -
Born Lulu Mae Johnson Eads (1877?-1918) businesswoman, dance hall performer and hotel proprietor. 
1877 -
Born Marion Fraser (1877-1928) pioneer hockey player
1877 -
Born Dr. Rowena Grace Douglas Hume (1877-1966) indomitable woman doctor
1877 -
Born Marcelle Hémond-Lacoste (1877-    ) one of the four women to be 1called to the Bar in Quebec
1877 -
Born Dr. Frances Gertrude McGill (1877-1959) early Canadian medical criminal forensic investigator

1877 - Born Lorrie Alfreda Dunnington-Grubb (1877-1945) pioneer in the profession of landscape architecture
1877 - Born Isabel Skelton (1877-1956) respected historian & author
January 12, 1877 - Born Maude Pettit Hill-Beaton (1877-1959) journalist who used pen name 'Videre'
March 9, 1877 -
Born Caroline Louise Josephine Wells (1977-1939) 1st Canadian woman dentist
May 16, 1877
- Born Ida Virginia Barclay (1877-1935) businesswoman & owner of ski resort, one of the 1st to offer ski trails

June 1, 1877 -
Born Dorthea Mitchell (1877-1976) amateur filmmaker, actor, director, screenwriter & author
June 10, 1877 -
Born Eva Finkelstein Abremovich (1877-1953)  in 1897 she graduated as one of the 1st Jewish persons from Manitoba College
August 13, 1877 - Born Jeanne Lydia Branda, Sister Marie Thomas d'Aquin (1877-1963) religious leader & poet
December 1, 1877 - Born Sarah 'Allie' Brock Brick (1877-1947) pioneer in Canadian North West
December 7, 1877
- Born Constance Lindsay Skinner (1877-1939) journalist, poet, author & historian

1877 - Died Mary Elizabeth Bibb (1820-1877) the 1st black woman journalist in Canada. She is a National Historic Person
1878 1878 - Félicité Angers (1845-1924) is the pen name of Laure Conan, author of nine novels of French Canadian Life. She is the 1st French Canadian female novelist

1878 -
Charlotte Whitehead Ross (1843-1916) is the 1st woman to practice medicine in Manitoba (she is not licensed) Source: Government of Manitoba. Status of Women. Women working for Healthy Communities by Ada Ducas et all October 2001. Online (Accessed December 2011)
1878 -
The women of Anshe Sholom Congregation in Hamilton, Ontario establish the Deborah Ladies Aid
Source. Jewish Women's Archives: Jewish Women, a comprehensive historical Encyclopedia. online (accessed July 2011)

July 15, 1878 -
The 1st telephone exchange in the British Empire in opened by the Hamilton District Company in Hamilton, Ontario

Births 1878:
1878 - Born Amelia Beers Garvin (1878-1956) journalist & editor
1878 - Born Florence Harvey (1878-1968) member of Canada's Golf Hall of Fame
1878 -
Born Madge MacBeth (1878-1965) multimedia author with over 20 novels to her credit
1878 - Born Mary Isabel Ross Pinkham (1878-1964) social activist & volunteer
January 12, 1878 - Born Dr. Margaret Ellen Douglass (1878-1950) doctor & medical administrator in Manitoba
January 18, 1878 - Born Irma LeVasseur (1878-1964) the 1st woman to practice medicine in the province of Quebec& pioneer in  pediatrics
February 10, 1878 - Born Jane "Jennie" Smillie Robertson (1878-1981) an indomitable lady doctor perhaps 1st woman doctor to perform surgery in Canada.
June 7, 1878  - Born Lady Elsie Elizabeth Allardyce (1878-1962) founder of Girl Guides in Newfoundland
July 27, 1878 - Born Béatrice La Palme Issaurel (1878-1921) acclaimed international opera singer
October 24, 1878 - Born Nellie Lyle Pattinson (1878-1953) educator
1879 1879 - Typewriters are 1st introduced in Canada Source: Jean Bannerman, Leading Ladies of Canada (Belleville, Mika Publishing, 1977);

Births 1879:
1879 -
Born Flora Eaton (1879-1970) socialite & philanthropist
1879 -
Born Lucille Hunter (1879-1972) Yukon pioneer
1879 -
Born Mary Adelaide Dawson Snider (1879-1932) early journalist & a founder of Canadian Women's Press Club (CWPC)
1879 - Born Miriam Green Ellis (1879-1964) celebrated journalist in the Canadian prairies
1879 - Born Anna Sprott (1879-1961) founder of West Coast Radio School & Vancouver alderman
1879 -
Born Helena Rose Gutteridge (1879-1960) 1st woman elected to Vancouver City Council
1879 -
Born Ethel Johns, (1879-1968) nurse, teacher & administrator
1879 -
Born Mary Letitia Lamb (1879-1960) missionary to China
1879 - Born Gertrude Balmer Watt (1873-1963) journalist
January 18, 1879 -
Born Alice Helen Collins (1879-1955) poet & composer
February 5, 1879 - Born Ether Seath (1879-1963) artist

March 20, 1879 -
Born Maud Leonora Menten  (1879-1960) the 1st Canadian woman to receive her medical doctorate
June 14, 1879 - Born Rena Maude McLean, (1879-1918) a nursing sister of World War l

July 1, 1879 -
Born Alice Stuart Massey (1879-1950) author & wife of a Governor General
August 1,1879 -
Born Eva Tanguay (1879-1947) vaudevillian and movie star who in 1912 was the highest paid woman actor in the US.
August 9, 1879 - Born Arthamise Fortin (1879-1953) pioneer of Northern Ontario
December 14, 1879 - Born Helen McNicoll (1879-1915) artist

Deaths 1879:
September 20, 1879 - Died Rosanna Eleanora Leprohn (1829-1879) novelist & poet
1880 1880 - Emily Stowe  (1831-1903) is finally granted license to practice medicine in Toronto even though she has been practicing medicine for years

1880 - Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) teaches English and Bookkeeping
Source: Jean Bannerman, Leading Ladies of Canada (Belleville, Mika Publishing, 1977);

1880 - 1905 - The Ontario Industrial Refuge for Girls houses young female offenders under the age of 16

1880 -
Toronto Women's Reformatory is built on King St. near Dufferin St
. Source: Gretta Wong, Grant Canada's First Chinese Canadian Lawyer by Constance Backhouse, accessed January 2013.

Births 1880:
1880 -
Born Lily J. Laverstok (1880?-1969) west coast theatre impresario
1880 - Born Louise Alexander (1880-1946) artist
1880 - Born Mary Adelaide Dawson Snider (1880-1932) journalist
June 25, 1888 - Born Edna May Williston Sexton (1880-1923) social activist
July 21, 1880 - Born Roberta Catherine MacAdams (1880-1959) in 1918 1st woman in British Empire to introduce legislation in a parliament (Alberta)
1881 1881 - The 1st Canadian Assembly of Knights of Labour is formed in Hamilton, Ontario. The Knights organize skilled & unskilled workers both male and female, & are the forerunner of the industrial unions

1881 -
Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia passes a regulation allowing women to be admitted to Medical College
Source: The indomitable Lady Doctors by Carlotta Hacker, Clarke-Irwin, 1974.

1881- Female teachers in Toronto earn $200.00 to $600.00 per year depending on experience while male teachers earn $750.00 to $1100.00  Source: Janet Ray, Towards Women’s Rights, Toronto, Grolier Ltd, 1981.  

1881 - The Ottawa Rideau Tennis Club stages the 1st tournament for women only. The rules of dress included ground length skirt, long leaves, high neck blouse and nipped waist. These of course would be worn over a corset and multi layers of underskirts! Source: Women playing Tennis (accessed July 2005) 

April 30, 1881 -   Robertine Barry had a front page article in the newspaper La Patrie making her the 1st full time female employee of a newspaper in Quebec Source Linda Kay, Sweet Sixteen :the journey that inspired the Canadian Women’s Press Club (McGill-Queens Press, 2012

Births 1881:
1881 - Born Clara Dennis (1881-1958) pioneer photographer of life in Nova Scotia
1881 - Born Elizabeth "Betsey" Flaherty (1881?-1968) pioneer woman pilot
1881 - Born Mabel Priscilla Penery French (1881-1955) 1st woman lawyer in New Brunswick.
1881 -
Born Beatrice LaPalme (1881-1921) opera singer
1881 - Born Irene Currie Love (1881-1945) journalist & one of the founders of the Canadian Women's Press Club (CWPC).
May 2, 1881 - Born Mary MacLane (1881-1929) author, actor & screenwriter

May 29, 1881-
Born Bertha Mabel Dunham (1881-1957) librarian, local historian & author of works for young readers.
August 26, 1881 -
Born Alice Wilson (1881-1964) a paleontologist, she was the 1st woman elected as fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
September 4,1881 -
Born Isabella Preston, (1881-1965) 1st professional hybridist in Canada
September 6, 1881 - Born Hughena Dickson Elliott McCorquodale (1881-1961) journalist & editor of the High River Times, Alberta

October 18, 1881 - Born Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw (1881-1982) operated the 1st Canadian family planning clinic in Canada
November 1881 - Born Gertrude Childs (1881-1957) social worker awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) 1934.
November 4,1881- Born Gena Brancombe (1881-1977) composer, choir conductor, teacher & pianist.
November 24, 1881 - Born Florence Wyle (1881-1968) a sculptor who made several Canadian War Memorials and is represented in numerous art galleries
December 19, 1881 - Born Isabelle McTavish (1881-1953) Presbyterian medical missionary to China

1882 1882 - The Ontario government allows single women who owned property to vote on Municipal by-laws. Source: Janet Ray, Towards Women’s Rights, Toronto, Grolier Ltd, 1981.  

1882 -
A movement was formed in Quebec to encourage teaching of household sciences with consideration for the establishment of a school of domestic sciences in Roberval, Quebec Source: Dictionary of Canadian Biography Toronto; University of Toronto/Laval Université, 2005 vol. 15 1921-1930 p. 21-24.

1882 - The Toronto Labour Council supports the principle of equal pay for equal work.  Leonora Barry (1849-1923), the American general investigator of the Women's Work for the  Knights of Labour, comes to Toronto to investigate the working conditions of women and help organize them

1882 -
Women shoemakers in Toronto, with the support of male unionists, go on strike against 5 factories

- Carsley's, a department store in Montreal, Quebec introduces the 1st mail-order catalogue in Canada Source: Before e-commerce : a history of mail order catalogues December 2004.

1882 -The Toronto Women Shoemakers Strike for union recognition, uniform wages and wage advances is the 1st major strike of women workers in the city  Source: .History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013
1882 - Elizabeth Armstrong Forbes
(1859-1912) begins etching in Point Aven, France Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

1882 - The electric cooking range is invented by Canadian Thomas Ahern (1855-1938) Source : Canuck Chicks and Maple Leaf Mamas : women of the Great White North by Ann Douglas Toronto, McArthur and Co., 2002. pg 13.

Births 1882:
1882 - Born Louise Bowman (1882-1944) poet
April 5, 1882 - Born Hilda Mary Slayter (1882-1965)  a survivor of the Titanic
June 14, 1882 - Born Olga Alexandrova Kulikovsky (1882-1960) a Grand Duchess Olga Romanov of Russia eloped & immigrated to live and work a farmer
July 19, 1882 - Born
Sarah Ramsland  (1882-1964) is the 1st woman elected to the Saskatchewan legislature
December 13, 1882-  Born Regina Mary "Polly" Rowell Craig (1882-1965) pioneer Land owner in Regina, Saskatchewan

Deaths 1882:
March 18, 1882 -
Died Amelia Harris (1798-1882) diarist

1883 February 9, 1883 - the 1st public library opens in Guelph, Ontario Source: Database Canada by Bob Bowman (Toronto; Holt, 1967)

1883 -
Sir John A. Macdonald (1815-1891)  introduces an unsuccessful parliamentary bill that includes the granting of Dominion franchise to unmarried women and widows possessing the required property qualifications
 Source: History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

June 1883 - Elizabeth Secord (1841-1916) becomes the 1st qualified registered physician in the Province of New Brunswick Sources: Obituary, reprinted on the Hartt Family Website accessed 2010. ; New Brunswick Women’s History Online accessed 2010.

1883 -
Manitoba Medical College is established and accepts women students from the start Source: The indomitable Lady Doctors by Carlotta Hacker, Clarke Irwin, 1974.

July 21, 1883 - 1st party of girls arrives in Canada under Barnardo Homes own organization on board Sardinian. They are part of the Home Children who come to Canada Source British Home Children In Canada compiled by Lori Oschefski. Online Accessed July 2014 includes photo.

1883 - Dr. Augusta Stowe-Gullen (1857- 1943) is the 1st woman to graduate in medicine from a Canadian university at Victoria College, Cobourg, Ontario.

1883 - The Toronto Women's Literary Club becomes the Toronto Women's Suffrage Association
Source:History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

1883 - The Montreal Branch of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) is formed

1883 - Mary Shadd Cary
 (1823- 1893  .) is the 1st Black woman in North America who is an editor of a newspaper when she establishes the "Provincial Freeman" a weekly paper designed to cover the lives of Canadian blacks and promote the cause of black refugees to Canada

1883 - The Methodist Home for Chinese Girls opens in Victoria, British Columbia. It's goal is to help those girls escaping prostitution, slavery or marriage contracts Source: Canadian Chinese National Council. Moments of Chinese Canadian History. (accessed July 7, 2003)

1883 - The Louisa Street School in Toronto opens the 1st kindergarten established as part of a public school. Ada Marean is the 1st teacher of a class of 80 children. She had 7 teacher trainees assisting with the clas.
Source: Canadian Chronology (accessed April 28, 2003)

October 1, 1883 - The Toronto Women's Medical College, the 1st medical school in Canada for women, is opened The school will last until a merger with the Ontario Women's Medical College in 1895.Source: A history of Women's College Http:// (accessed February 2006)

October 2, 1883 -  Dr Jennie Trout (1841-1921) establishes at Queens University at Kingston, Ontario  a women's medical college. The school will last until the 1895 merger with the Toronto Women's Medical College Source: Canadian Milestones. (accessed October 2, 2000)

Births 1883 :
1883 -
Dorothy Campbell Hurd Howe (1883-1946) one of the most successful lady golfers of the 20th century.
1883 - Born Flora Ann Campbell (1883-1961) 1st policewoman hired by Ottawa Police Force

1883 - Born Flores (Florence) La Due (1883-1951) World Champion Trick & Fancy Roper, rancher
1883 - Born Nora Hendrix (1883-1984) Black pioneer of Vancouver and grandmother to Jimi Hendrix
1883 - Born Nora M. Duncan (1883-1946) a western Canadian poet & radio host.
1883 - Born Kathryn Agnes McCloskey (!883-1975) pioneer civil servant in Canadian External Affairs Department
April 18, 1883 - Born Jessie Isabel Meighen (1883-1985) wife of Prime Minister Arthur Meighen (1874-1960)
September 14, 1883 - Born Marjorie Lowry Christie Picktall (1883-1922) poet & short story writer
October 5, 1883 -
Born Donalda James Dickie (1883-1972) educator & author of school text books
December 20, 1883 - Born Kate Rice (1883-1963) pioneer prospector. Member Canadian Mining Hall of Fame
December 29, 1883 - Born Laura Emma Jamieson (1883-1964) British Columbia Juvenile court judge, city alderman and Member of British Columbia Legislature

Deaths 1883:
April 25, 1883 - Died Margaret Arnold McEwan (1812-1883) heroine of the cholera epidemic in Sandwich July 1854
December 27, 1883 - Died Sara Riel (1848-1883) 1st Métis Grey Nun from Red River District.

1884 1884 - Married women’s property legislation is passed in Nova Scotia

1884 - The Ontario government allows unmarried women, widows & women land owners to vote in municipal elections

1884 - Ontario Married Women's Property Act grants married women the right to own property, deal with it and sell it without consulting her husband Source: .History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

1884 -
The Ontario Factory Work Act limits the work age for young women to begin at 14 which is two years after boys who may begin to work in factories at 12 years of age. They were limited to a 10 hour work day or 60 hours a week. The Act also provides efficient sanitary conditions, seats for sales clerks, and prohibits women from working in and around mines

1884 - After a large grant to educate women from Donald Smith, Lord Strathcona, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec opens its doors to female students

1884 -
Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) begins classes in phonography (Shorthand)
Source: Jean Bannerman, Leading Ladies of Canada (Belleville, Mika Publishing, 1977);

1884 - Elizabeth Robb Beatty (? - ?) became the 1st woman medical missionary for the Presbyterian Church of Canada. She would build the 1st women's Hospital in Central India Source: The Indomitable Women Doctors, by Carlotta Hacker. (Toronto: Clarke & Irwin, 1974)

August 1884 - 
T. Eaton Co. of Toronto, issues its 1st "Wishing book" which is distributed to visitors at the Toronto Exhibition. Timothy Eaton declares that the catalogue is destined to go wherever the maple leaf grows Source: Before e-commerce : a history of mail order catalogues December 2004.
September 8, 1884 - Sarah Hannah Roberta Coome
(1837-1921) co-founded the Anglican Sisterhood of St. John The Devine, Toronto, Ontario

September 20, 1884 - Maria Louisa Angwin
(1849-1898) became the 1st licensed woman medical doctor in Nova Scotia
Sources:  The Indomitable Women Doctors by Carlotta Hacker (Toronto: Clarke & Irwin, 1974) ; The Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online (Accessed April 2014)

Births 1884:
1884 -
Born Beatrice Sifton Nasmyth Furniss  (1884-1977) one of only four Canadian women allowed behind the Lines in WW l France
1884 -
Born Frances Marion Beyton (1884-1951) in 1912 is the 1st full-time women's editor of the Grain Grower's Guide
May 13, 1884 --
Born Gertrude Moffatt (1884-1923) poet
May 21, 1884 -
Born Francis Marion Beynon (1884-1951) journalist, feminist & social reformer
June 10, 1884 - Born Winona Margaret Dixon (1884-1922) pacifist & social activist for women's & family rights

Deaths 1884:
1884 -
Died Harriet Louise Bowell (1828-1884) wife of Prime Minister Mackenzie Bowell (1823-1917)
May 9, 1884 - Died
Augusta Baldwin (1821?-1884) poet

1885 March 11, 1885 - Jenny Kidd Trout (1841-1921) became the 1st Canadian woman licensed to practice medicine in Canada

May 12, 1885 -
Loretta Miller
becomes the 1st woman to serve in the Canadian military when she arrives at a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Field hospital during the North West Rebellion. She is soon joined by nurses such as Hannah Grier Coomes of Toronto. In total 12 nurses would serve in the North West Rebellion 

1885 - An attempt was made to include women in the ‘Dominion Franchise Act’ but was not successful. The Act restricted the right to vote to men and specifically excluded any person of Asian descent, women, idiots, lunatics and criminals. A man can vote if he or his wife own property but she is responsible for her own property tax

July 3 1885 -
The Saskatoon Field Hospital is decommissioned. It is the 1st Field Hospital to formally employ nurses to serve in the military. For the 1st time female nurses are recognized for their contribution in the Military and it is the 1st time that the Red Cross symbol is used in Canada when nurses used on their armbands

November 7, 1885 -
The last spike of the transcontinental railroad is hammered into place

November 16, 1885 - Louis Riel (1844-1885) is hanged in Regina for his part in leading a rebellion

1885 - John Waters (1829-1910), a member of the Ontario Provincial Legislature 1879-1894, introduces a woman’s suffrage bill, one of several such unsuccessful bills introduced to the Ontario Legislature in the late 1880’s 

1885 -
In Alberta, unmarried women who own property are granted the right to vote and hold office in school matters
 Source: .History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

1885 -
The Legislature of British Columbia is presented with the 1st petition to grant women the right to vote

1885 -
The 1st Bill to give single women with property the vote is defeated in New Brunswick

1885 -
The Women's Teachers' Association of Toronto is formed
Source: Canadian Chronology (accessed April 28, 2003)

1885 -
Ice dancing to the Viennese waltzes makes its 1st appearance in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Births 1885:
1885 -
Born Rosemonde Desjardins (1885-1940) Quebec singer
1865 -
Born Alice Maud Dunning Grant (1865-1946) is the 1st woman to receive a masters degree from Acadia University.
1885 -
Born Lillian Freiman (1885-1940)
in 1934 she became the 1st Canadian Jew to be awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE).
1885 - Born Rachel Goldbloom (1885?-1931) community activist & philanthropist

1885 -
Born Violet Irene Guymer (1885-1955) 1st woman licensed funeral director in Canada
1885 - Born Ida Lewis Siegel (1885-1962) social activist in the Toronto Jewish community
1885 -
Born Elizabeth A. Warner (1885-????) author of cookbooks, some from the company called Purity Flour
January 4, 1885 -
Born Grace Ellen Hewson Knight (1885-1974) 4th woman to be called to the bar (lawyer) in Ontario 1908
January 23, 1885 - Born Dora Ridout Hood Renown book dealer of Canadiana
February 4, 1885 -
Born Cairine Wilson (1885-1962) The 1st woman appointed to the Canadian Senate
February 22, 1895 -
Born Virginia K. Copping Norton Kemp (1895-1957) Lady Kemp, social activist & volunteer
March 25, 1885 -
Born Emily Coonan (1885-1971) artist
May 29, 1885 -  
Born Esther Marjorie Hill, (1895-1985) 1st Canadian woman to become a graduate architect.
July 31, 1885 -
Born Beatrice Maude Bradshaw (1885-1972) a well respected teacher & administrator in Manitoba.
September 14, 1885 - Born Mary Lee Edward (1885-1980) physician who was given Croix de Guerre for service on front lines in WW!
September 20, 1885 - Born Eva Gauthier, (1885-1958) internationally acclaimed mezzo soprano

Deaths 1885:
1885 -
Died Cornelia deGrassi (1825-1885) heroine of the 1837 rebellion in Upper Canada
1885 - Died
Sister Zoe Leblanc-Emery (1826-1885) religeous pioneer of the Canadian North West
May 13, 1885 - Died
Born Juliana Horatia Ewing (1841-1885) poet & writer of children's novels set in Canada

1886 -
After receiving 6 petitions the New Brunswick provincial legislature grants unmarried women who are property owners the right to vote in municipal elections Source: Janet Ray, Towards Women’s Rights, Toronto, Grolier Ltd, 1981.  

1886 - Married women’s property legislation is passed in the Northwest Territories

September 1886 - Mary Ella Dignam (1860-1938) organizes a group of young artists  in Toronto. They meet to work together in painting, drawing, modeling and sketching from still life and living models. This group would be the basis for the future (1907) Women's Art Association of Canada Source  Since 1886. Women's Art Association of Canada - History accessed July 2011.

October 7, 1886 -
Marion Oliver (1855-1913) one of the 1st Canadian medical missionaries in India, set sail from Canada on her 1st trip to India

1886 - May Irwin
(1862-1938) is the star of pioneering one minute movie by Thomas Edison (1847-1931), the famous inventor, called The Kiss. It was the 1st kiss of the movies!!! It was considered scandalous by early movie audiences and the clergy! It is considered to be the 1st moving  picture to ever be shown in Canada!

1886 - The Canadian Pacific Railway publishes the results of its survey of 400 women in Manitoba in a 50-page pamphlet entitled What women Say of the Canadian Northwest. Source: Dave McIntosh "Go west young woman" in The Beaver December 1992-January 1993

1886 - The 1st known women's lacrosse game is played. Source: 

Births 1886:
1886 -
Born Genevieve Elsie Alice Lipsett-Skinner (1886-1935) 1st woman journalist in Canadian Press Gallery
1886 -
Born Jean Cairns (1886-1982) 5th woman to be called to the bar (Lawyer) in Ontario
January 8, 1886 -
Born Elizabeth Jane Bulloch Adams (1886-   ) pioneer farmer in Manitoba
February 8, 1886 - Born Sarah Persis Johnson Darrach (1886-1974) World War l nurse, matron of nursing Brandon Manitoba, Order of the British Empire (OBE).
October 18, 1886 - Born Thais Frémont (1886-1963) social activist
October 22, 1886 - Born Jeanne St Laurent (1886-1966) wife of Prime Minister Louis St Laurent 1882-1973).
November 14, 1886 - Born Emilie Musgrave Boswell (1886-1955) early journalist with the Winnipeg Tribune
December 18, 1886 - Born Violet Pooley Sweeny (1886-1965) champion west coast golfer

Deaths 1886:
1886 -
Born Donalda Charron (1886-1967) early women's union leader
1886 - Died Mary Christianne Morris (1804?-1886) respected native artist & model
1886 - Died
Susannah Oland (1798-1886) brewer & businesswoman
October 4, 1886 - Died Mary McKenzie (1796-1886) early pioneer of the Canadian North West
1887 June 3, 1887 - Zina Card (1850-1931) arrives at Lee's Creek (Cardston) Alberta with ten families to establish a settlement of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) Source: Aunt Zina; the life of Zina Young Williams Card. Church History. (accessed September 2014)

1887 - The Manitoba Legislature passes a law that allows both married & single women who own property the right to vote in municipal elections but women are not eligible for municipal office until 1917

1887 - Yo Shishido
  becomes the 1st Japanese Issei woman to settle in Canada. She settles with her husband Washiji Oya a store proprietor on Powell St., Vancouver, British Columbia Source: Japanese Canadian Timeline (accessed June 2012)

1887 - Anna
Harriett Leonowens (1834-1915) organizes an exhibit of art in Halifax, Nova Scotia that will eventually lead to the establishment of the Victoria School of Ar. Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

Births 1887:
1887 -
Born Margaret Helen Brown (1887 - 1978) author & editor who shared her talents as a missionary
1887 - Born Hortense Crompton Gordon (1887-1961) artist & teacher
1887 - Born Anna Minerva Henderson (1887-????) in 1912 the 1st Black Canadian appointed to permanent federal civil service
1887 -
Born Annie Langstaff (1887-1975) 1st woman to receive a degree in Law from McGill University in 1914-1915
1887 -
Born Kathleen Jean Munn (1887-1974) artist
January 1, 1887 -
Born Clara Hoffer (1887-1975) Outstanding farmer & community leader
February 23, 1887 - Born Tilly Rolston (1887-1953)
2nd woman in British Columbia appointed to the cabinet & 1st woman in Canada to hold a specific portfolio
April 21, 1887- Born Eliza May Stewart (1887-1989) World War I Nursing sister
June 9, 1887 -
Born Katherine Pinkerton (1887-1967) author of books about wilderness living in Northern Ontario.
July 2, 1887 -
Born Marie-Rose Turcot (1887-1977) author & journalist
July 11, 1887 -
Born Kathleen "Kit" Adeline Martin Cowaret (1887- 1958) Anglican Church Missionary to the Canadian North West.
July 16, 1887 - Born Kathleen Wilhelmina Ellis (1887-1968) nurse & nursing author.
October 14, 1887 -
Born Frances Loring (1887-1968) artist & sculptor, co-founder of the Sculptors Society of Canada.
October 23, 1887 - Born Kateryna Antonovych (1887-1975) artist
November 19, 1887 - Born Sybil Johnson-Dunfield (1887-1973) nursing sister World War l.

Deaths 1887:
February 12, 1887 - Died
Isabella Valency Crawford (1850-1887) considered Canada's 1st important lady poet.

1888 March 25, 1888 - April 1, 1888 - the International Council of Women (ICW) is formed in Washington, DC, U.S.A. with representatives from 9 countries including Canada in attendance. The ICW works for the common cause of advocating human rights for women.

1888 - Harriet Brooks (1876-1933) begins research as  Canada’s 1st woman nuclear physicist.

1888 - Octavia Grace Ritchie (married name England) (1868-1948) is the 1st woman valedictorian at McGill University.

1888 - Richard Sears of the USA is selling so much in catalogue orders in Canada that an office is opened in Toronto. Source: Before e-commerce : a history of mail order catalogues December 2004.

1888 - Moulton Ladies' College, named for Susan Moulton McMaster, is opened in Hamilton, Ontario.  It served for 66 years. The buildings were sold and demolished in the mid 1950"s

Births 1888:
1888 -
Born René M. Caisse (1888-1978) a nurse who developed ESSIAC what she thought was a cure to some cancers.
1888 -
Born Lizzie Cyr (1888?-???) the woman who energized the Famous Five and the Persons Case of 1929.
1888 -
Born Margaret Teresa Lally Murray (1888-1982) newspaper editor, owner & journalist.
1888 -
Born Frances Lillian Fish (1888-1975)
 the 1st woman to graduate Dalhousie University with a Law Degree & she the 1st woman called to the Bar in Nova Scotia.
1888 - Born Maisie Hurley (1888-1964) founder of the 1st native newspaper, The Native Voice.
January 20, 1888 -
Born Ethel Davis Wilson (1888-1980) acclaimed author.
February 8, 1888 -
Born Ada Jane Fairlina Kent (1888-1969) musician & composer.
February 25, 1888 -
Born Ethel Matilda Chapman (1888-1976) home sciences journalist in Ottawa, Ontario.
March 15,1888 - 
Born Constance Mary Evans (1888-????) romance novelist.
June 19, 1888 -
Born Ada Annie Rae-Arthur (1888-1985) pioneer botanist known as Cougar Annie.
July 8,1888 - Born Evelyn Bolduc, (1888-1939) translator & author.
September 2, 1888 - Born Dorothy Stevens (1888-1966) portrait & figure painter.
September 27,1888 -
Born Constance Eleda Brewster (1888-1988) a well respected nursing administrator in Hamilton, Ontario. 
October 11, 1888 - Born
Léonise Valois (1888-1936) 1st woman to publish poetry in Quebec & journalist
November 4, 1888 - Born Violet Alice Dryvynsyde (1888-1969) educator who opened her own school & published books.

Deaths 1888:
1888 -
Died Elizabeth Barrett (   -1888) 1st professional teacher in Alberta.
January 7, 1888 -
Died Harriet Annie Wilkins (1829-1888) teacher & author.
August 5 1888-
Died Anna Swan (1846-1888) in her day she was the tallest woman in the world some 228 cm (7'6").
1889 1889 - The Dominion Women’s Enfranchisement Association is formed to incorporate all suffrage groups in the country.

1889 - Eliza Ritchie. (1856-1935). receives her Ph.D. Cornell University U.S.A., probably 1st Canadian woman to receive her doctor of letters.

September 25, 1889 - Laura Bond (1889-1940) marries Robert Laird Bordon (1854-1937) future Prime Minister of Canada.

1889 -
The Royal Victoria College for women opens in Montreal.
Source: The Timechart history of Canada by Meredith Macardle (2004)

1889 - Isobel Stanley (1875-1963)
, daughter of Governor General Lord Stanley of Preston, is one of the 1st women hockey players in Canada. Her Government House hockey team played the Rideau Ladies team in what may be the 1st women's hockey game on the ice rink at Rideau Hall, Residence of the Governor General of Canada. Source: Timeline

1889 - Mary Ellen Birtles
(1858-1943) is one of the 1st three graduates of  the nurse training programme at the Winnipeg General Hospital.
Source: Memorable Manitobans. Profile by Gordon Goldsborough Online (Accessed December 2011)

Births 1889:
1889 -
Born Kate Livingston Cumming (1889-1971) Canadian artist.
1889 -
Born Dorothy Dworkin (1889-1976) established the Toronto Jewish Convalescent & Maternity Hospital later named Mount Sinai Hospital.
1889 -
Born Dorothy Jenkins (1889-1973) Canadian figure skating champion.
1889 -
Born Anna Judson Rossborough Mair (1889-1963) nurse & administrator, winner of King George V Jubilee Medal.
1889 -
Born Vera L. Parsons (1889-1973) 1st woman to be a criminal defense lawyer in Ontario & the 1st woman lawyer to appear before a judge and jury in Canada.
January 13, 1889 -
Born Blanche Lamontagne (1889-1958) poet with a library, a road and a mountain named for her.
April 1, 1889 -
Margaret Eileen Stuart Underhill (1889-1988) badminton player & member of the British Columbia Sport Hall of Fame.
April 18, 1889 -
Born Susan Olivia Poole (1889-1975) inventor of the Jolly Jumper
May 23, 1889 -
Born Mary Susanne Edgar (1889-1973) youth leader & camp founder and director.
May 28, 1889 - Born Kathleen Frances Daly (1889-1994)  artist known for her paintings of Montagnais & her landscapes.
June 4, 1888 - Born Margaret Madge Rose Robertson Watt (1888-1948) instrumental at establishing the Women's Institutes in England.
July 8, 1889 - Born Phoebe Florence Miller (1889-1979) author of poems and greeting card verse from Newfoundland.
October 2, 1889 -
Born Clara Flos Jewell Williams (1889-1970) author
October 25, 1889 - Born Laure Gaudreault (1889-1975) a social activist, educator & journalist who organized Quebec rural teachers.
November 17, 1889 -
Born Lenna Mae Jenner (!889-1918) nurse serving during World War l.
November 26, 1889 -
Born Laura Bordon (1889-1940) wife of Prime Minister Robert Laird Bordon (1854-1937).

Deaths 1889:
July 1, 1889 -
Died Mary Teresa Dease (1820-1889) Superior-general of the Institute of Blessed virgin Mary in America

1890 January 25, 1890 - Female nurses in the military are accredited as Lieutenants with pay and allowance of that rank.

1890 -
Canadian Icelandic women, who had the right to vote back in Iceland, are led Margaret Benedictsson (1866-1956) ,
to start the 1st suffrage movement in the west.

1890 - The province of Manitoba passes a law granting women ratepayers the right to vote and hold office at the level of a school board.  Source: .History of Women's Rights, Nellie McClung Foundation online accessed April 2013

1890 - Isobel Stanley,
Lady Isobel Gathorne-Hardy (1875-1963), Lord Stanley's daughter, is photographed playing hockey in the 1st recorded image on film of a woman involved in the sport. Lord Stanley (1841-1908), then Governor General of Canada, would donate a silver cup that would become known as the Stanley Cup.

June 4, 1890 -
Medicine Hat General Hospital is opened. Grace Louise Reynolds (later Calder) is the 1st Matron. The hospital is the 1st of its kind between Winnipeg and British Columbia.
Source: Kay Saunderson, 200 Remarkable Alberta Women, (Famous Five Foundation, 1999).

June 12-13, 1890 - The 1st convention of the Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Association was held in Toronto. Noted American Susan B. Anthony attended as a guest.

1890 - Dr Anna McFe
e, a medical student at the Women's medical School in Toronto starts a clinic for women to come to see women physicians. Source: A history of Women's college     (accessed February 2006)

1890 - Mary Ella Dignam (1860-1938) of Toronto formalizes her artists group set up in 1886 into the Women's Art Club. Yet another step into establishing the Women's Art Association of Canada (1907) Source: Since 1886. Women's Art Association of Canada - History accessed July 2011.

1890 -
The earliest known photograph of women playing hockey is taken at Rideau Hall, Ottawa, with Lady Isobel Stanley Lady Isobel Gathorne-Hardy, (1875-1963) playing with a group of women.
  Source: Women's Hockey - History of Hockey - accessed June 2011.

November 26, 1890 -
a young Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) has her 1st poem published just before her 16th birthday in the Charlottetown Daily Patriot.

1890 -
The Women's Art Society is established in Montréal

1890 - The Women's Art Club of Toronto becomes the Women's Art Association.

1890 - The Canadian Queen : a magazine of fashion, art, literature etc (1890-1892) is 1st published in Toronto. Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

Births 1890:
1890 -
Born Mary Elizabeth Laughton (1890?-   ) is the 7th woman called to the Bar in Ontario in1912,
1890 -
Born Mildred Valley Thornton (1890-1967) artist who captured Canadian Native life on the prairies & the west coast.

January 1, 1890 - Born  Florence Lawrence, (1890-1938) acknowledged as world's 1st movie star.
February 1890 - Born Louise Elizabeth Manny ( 890-1970) New Brunswick historian & activist.
February 5, 1890 - Born Anna Yonker(1890-1944) social activist & leading philanthropist
March 20, 1890 - Born Ethel Kirk Grayson (1890-1980) novelist
March 24, 1890 -
Born Agnes Macphail (1890-1954) a founder of the Elizabeth Fry Society, she was 1st woman elected to the Canadian  parliament.
March 27, 1890 -
Born Edwina Chamier (1890-1981) Olympic alpine skier
April 1, 18890 -
Born Myra Bennett (1890-1990) nurse in Newfoundland & Labrador, Order of the British Empire (OBE).
May 1890 -
Born Evelyn Jane Tanner Burns (1890-1961) politician & civil servant, municipal official Rosser Manitoba for 48 years. 
September 20, 1890 - Born Kathleen Parlow (1890-1963) international violinist.
September 21, 1890 - Born Anne Wilkinson (1890-1961) author, biographer & poet.
October 9, 1890 - Born Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944) founder of the Four Square Gospel Church.
November 19, 1890 - Born Elizabeth Catherine Shalla (1890-1978) diarist in Renfrew County Ontario, in 1st Polish settlement.
December 9, 1890 - Born Laura Salverson (1890-1970) award winning author.

Deaths 1890:
1890 -
Died Elizabeth Jane "Eliza" Barnes, (1800?-1893) 'Granny Barnes' a well known clairvoyant.
1890 - Died Mary Jane Lawson (1828 -1890), poet & historian.
August 17, 1890 - Died
Verna Marguerite 'Marg' Osborne (1926-1977) singer of country, folk & gospel with Don Messer's Jubilee.

1891 1891 - 41% of women in the labour force are employed as domestics. The most common occupations for women were all traditional homemaker type jobs such as servants, dressmakers, seamstresses etc.

February 11, 1891 -
The 1st newspaper account of a game between two unnamed women's hockey teams appears in the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper. The game took place in Ottawa and is now regarded as the start of Women's Hockey ice hockey. Source Accessed January 2012. Used with permission.

1891 -
The Women’s Christian Temperance Union officially endorses the suffrage cause.

1891 - Robertine Barry (1863-1910) A well known personality in Montreal society and a  pioneer feminist lecturer and writer joins the staff of the weekly newspaper La Patrie. She is considered the 1st woman journalist in French Canada.

1891 - Octavia Grace Ritchie
(married name England) (1868-1948) is the 1st woman to receive a medical degree in the province of Quebec. She attended Bishop's University.

1891 -
The 1st women's golf clubs are formed at the Royal Montreal Golf Club, the Royal Quebec Golf Club and the Toronto Golf Club.

February 11, 1891 -
The 1st newspaper account of a game of women's ice hockey appears in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper. Reports of the 1st game being held in Barrie, Ontario in 1892 are incorrect.

Births 1891:
1891 -
Born Frances Hawkins (1891-1979) teacher in Japan and for World War ll Japanese Canadian in inductee camps.
1891 -
Born Grace Blue (1891-1992) educator
1891 -
Born Edith Louise Patterson (1891-1980) 1929 , appointed judge in the juvenile court. 1st woman member of the Law Society of British Columbia. 
1891 -
Born Alexandrine Gibb (1891-1958) pioneer woman sports journalist for women's sports.
1891 -
Born Laura Denton Duff (1891- ??  ) co-founder Women's Law Association
1891 - 
Born Myrtle Philip (1891-1986) businesswoman & pioneer ski lodge owner.
1891 -
Born Kate Aitken (1891-1971) journalist, author, radio & TV Personality, lecturer.
1891 -
Born Ethel Mary Bennett (1891-1988)
award winning writer of historical novels
January 23, 1891 -
Born Cora Bell Ahrens (1891-1964) teacher, lecturer & pianist
March 1, 1891 - Born Leocadie-Romaine Gascoin / Sister Marie des Sept-Douleurs (
April 29, 1891 -
Born Florence Durrell Clark (1891-1977) musician & composer
June 16, 1891-
Born Sarah Margaret Armor Roberston (1891-1948), artist who was one of the top painters of her day.
July 18, 1891 - Born Ethlyn Trapp (1891-1972)
1st  woman president of the  National Cancer Institute of Canada
July 22, 1891 - Born Isabelle Atkinson (1891-1968) feminist, journalist President of the Canadian Consumers Association.
October 3, 1891 - Born Laura Blanche McCain (1891-1982) volunteer & social activist in New Brunswick.
October 11, 1891 - Born Eva Catherine Ault-Buels (1891-1984) pioneer ladies ice hockey player know as 'Queen of the Ice'.
November 2, 1891 -
Born Anna Selick-Raginsky (1891-1981) social activist in the Canadian Zionist movement.
December 23, 1891 -
Born Stella Irene Boyd (1891-1945) entertainer, contralto & vocal teacher in Manitoba.
1892 1892 -  Quebec’s Conservative premier, Charles-E. Boucher of Boucherville, spearheaded the passing of legislation granting single, land-owning women and windows the right to vote in municipal and school elections so long as they did not run for office themselves.

1892 -
The Ontario Mines Act prohibits women from working in and around mines.

March 2, 1892 -  Mildred Lewis Ware  (1871-1905) and ex American Slave James Ware (1854-1905) are married. The couple will be pioneer ranchers in Alberta and raise 9 children.

May 28, 1892 - Marie Dressler (1868-1934) makes her New York City, U.S.A. singing debut in the comic opera, The Robber of the Rhine. The Comedienne, born in Coberg, Ontario would win an academy award for her acting talents.

1892 -
Three women are elected to the Toronto Schools Board, Dr. Augusta Stowe-Gullen (1857-1943), Mrs.  J .A. Harrison and Mrs. Mary McDonnell.

1892 - Harriet Faxton Clarke
(????) is the 1st woman to graduate from the Manitoba Medical College.

August 29, 1892 - The world's 1st electrically cooked meal was served in Ottawa
Source: Ottawa Citizen Saturday, February 6, 2005 pg. E2.
Thomas Ahearn (1855-1938)  became the 1st  person in the world to cook an entire meal using electricity. he made Saginaw trout, potato croquettes, sugar-cured ham, lamb cutlets, stuffed loin of veal, strawberry puffs, chocolate cake and apple pie. He served his meal to VIP journalists at Ottawa's Windsor Hotel. Source: Electric oven by Richard E. J. Wood. The Beaver, Oct/nor 2007 pg 10. No doubt he had some help cooking all this!!! D. Monroe

1892 - An organized all female ice hockey game is played in Barrie, Ontario. Research reveals a description of just one game in that community during the year and that game actually featured women playing men dressed as women. (I wonder how they enjoyed playing in long skirts?) Source:  Source Accessed January 2012. Used with permission.

1892 -
The Canadian Lawn Tennis Association (Tennis Canada) establishes a 'Ladies draw' as part of the National Tennis Championships. Source: Women playing Tennis (Accessed July 2005)

1892 - A women's Art Club is established in London Ontario. Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

1892 - Annie Thompson
(1845-1913), wife of Prime Minister Sir John Thompson (1845-1894) was a sincere and busy host to Ottawa members of parliament. When the family could no longer afford a staff cook prior to him becoming Prime Minister, Annie prepared meals for dinner parties hosting some 250 people in this year alone! Sources: “Obituary”, The Toronto Evening Telegram, April 11, 1913. ; “Annie Emma Affleck”, Dictionary of Canadian Biography 1911-1920, vol. XIV Online Accessed April 2013. 

Births 1892:
1892 -
Born Katharine McLennan (1892-1975) historian who was passionate about the restoration of the settlement of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia.
1892 -
Born Nellie Margaret Lewis (1892-1956) teacher & author.
March 5, 1892 -
Born Pauline Donalda ( real name Pauline Lightstone) (1882-1970) internationally renowned opera singer.
March 16, 1892 - Born Gladys A. Bunn (1892-1987) piano teacher & artist.
April 14, 1892 - Born Cornelia Lucinda Wood (1892-1985) Alberta provincial politician
July 1, 1892 -
Born Annette Saint-Amant Frémont (1892-1928) 1st francophone woman journalist in Saskatchewan.
July 25, 1892 - Born Florence Fernet-Martel (1892-1986) social activist, educator & Quebec feminist
September 27, 1892 -
Born Gladys Elizabeth Matheson Crim (1892-1968) respected nurse on Canadian prairies.
October 25, 1892 - Born Nell Shipman (1892-1970) award winning actor, author, screenwriter, director and producer
November 24, 1892 -
Born Alpha Isabella Hodgins (1892-   ) award winning law student.

Deaths 1892:
1892 -
Died Ellen Ross ( - 1892) author
April 28, 1892 - Died
Mary Macdonald-Leech (1837-1892) Bride ship pioneer of British Columbia
May 28, 1892 -
Died Mary Elizabeth Jane Muchall (1841-1892) poet, journalist & writer of short stories

August 18, 1892 - Died Catherine McLennan (1837-1892) west coast social activist
November 20, 1892 - Died
Martha Hamm Lewis (1831-1892) 1st woman to become a teacher in New Brunswick

1893 October 27, 1893 - Lady Aberdeen, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen and Tweedsmuir, (1857-1939) wife of the Canadian Governor General, chairs the organizational meeting of the National Council of Women in Canada

1893 -
John Waters (1829-1910), a member of the Ontario Provincial Legislature 1879-1894, once again introduces a woman’s suffrage bill, it is just 1 of several such unsuccessful bills introduced to the Ontario Legislature through the late 1880’s and into the 1890’s  

1893 - 1964 - The Ontario Female Refugee Act allowed an person to bring before a judge any female under the age of 21 who was considered ‘unmanageable’ or ‘incorrigible’ ( including unwed mothers) so that the individual’s fate could be determined. (i.e. that she should become committed to an institution or not)

1893 - Edith Archibald (1854-1936) and others made the 1st official attempt to have a suffrage bill for women property holders passed in Nova Scotia. The bill was passed by the Nova Scotia Province House, but quashed by Attorney General James Wilberforce Longley (1849-1942). Longley opposed unions and female emancipation for the 20 years he was in office

Fall 1893 -
The Women's Art Club, originally established in Toronto by Mary Dignam (1860-1938) becomes affiliated with the National Council of Women in Canada Source: Women's Hockey - History of Hockey - accessed June 2011.

December 7, 1983 - Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) becomes a national organization

1893 -
The Nova Scotia House of Assembly refuses a suffrage bill for women property holders

1893 - Caroline Louise Josephine Wells (1877-1939) is the 1st woman to graduate and gain certification from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons.  Dr. Wells was a distinguished practitioner for 36 years. She was the 1st dentist in Canada to work entirely in hospital dentistry

Josephine Herélle-Henriette Marchand-Dandurand (1861-1925) is the 1st woman to edit a French language periodical in Canada

1893 - Robert Simpson's, a Toronto based department store, introduces a full mail-order catalogue
Source: Before e-commerce : a history of mail order catalogues December 2004.

Births 1893:
1893 -
Born Azilda Belanger (1893-1942) pioneer of Northern Ontario & educator
1893 -
Born Pearl Steen (1893-1988) social activist, President of National Council of Women 1964-1967
1893 -
Born Violet Keene (1893-1987) acclaimed portrait photographer
1893 -
Born Ruby Wigle (1893 -   ) one of the 1st women town solicitors in Ontario in Preston 1931-1933
March 14, 1893 -
Born Ray/Rae Lewis A.K.E. Ray/Rae Levinsky (1893-1954) performer, poet, & scriptwriter
August 14, 1893 -
Born Marjorie Douglas Weir (1893-192??) journalist & poet
August 22, 1893 -
Born Elizabeth "Bonnie" Bjarnarson (1893-1979)  trained nurse awarded the Manitoba Good Citizenship Award for meritorious service
September 3, 1893 -
Born Dr. Norma Ford Walker (1893-1968) well known medical researcher of childhood diseases
October 15, 1893 - Born Margaret Rae Morrison Lucklock (1893-1972) o of the 1st two women elected to the Ontario Provincial Legislature 1943

Deaths 1893:
March 30,1893 - Died
Jane Mackenzie (1825-1893) wife of Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie (1822-1892)
June 5, 1893 - Died
Mary Ann Shadd Cary (1823-1893) 1st free Black woman in North America to edit a newspaper

1894 1894 - The North West Territories allows unmarried women to vote in municipal elections but not to hold office

August 30, 1894 - the 1st executive committee of the newly formed Local Council of Women Halifax meets at the Nova Scotia Government House. Emma Macintosh served as the 1st president and Anna Leonowens (1831-1915) as the secretary. Enfranchisement was the issue

1894 -
The New Brunswick Women’s Enfranchisement Association, a branch of the Dominion Association, is formed with Mrs. Edward Manning as President Source: Janet Ray, Towards Women’s Rights, Toronto, Grolier Ltd, 1981.  

1894 - Miss Hamilton i
s the 1st woman to graduate from the Halifax Medical College as a medical doctor. Source: Lucy Maud Montgomery 'A girl's place at Dalhousie College" Halifax Herald, April 1896.

1894 - Dr. Amelia Yeomans
(1881-1968) is president of the Manitoba Equal Franchise Club, the 1st English-speaking suffrage group formed west of Ontario

1894 - Margaret Marshall Saunders (1861-1947.) writes Beautiful Joe, a story of an abused dog, winning a competition sponsored by the American Humane Society.  The book becomes  the first Canadian book to sell more than 1,000,000 copies It is translated into more than 14 different languages

Emilie Tremblay (1872-1949) pioneer of the Yukon and 1st white woman to climb the Chilkoot trail in 1894

1894 - The 1st female club hockey team called the Love-Me-Nots is formed at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

1894 -
YWCA in Hamilton, Ontario, opens a School of Domestic Science, the first of its kind in Canada. Adelaide Hoodless (
1857-1910.) and the Hamilton YWCA are instrumental in having the subject of domestic science incorporated into the Ontario provincial school system Source: History of the YWCA

1894 - College girls began to play hockey at McGill University Source: Women's Hockey - History of Hockey accessed June 2011.   Ladies who are students at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario form a hockey team frowned upon by the Archbishop at Queen's. They originally called themselves the Love-Me-Nots but the following year they changed their name to the  Morning Glories. Source: ; "Old time hockey rebels : The Love-Me-Nots of Queen's University" by Dirk Hoag. On the Forecheck Online accessed January 2013.
1894 - Mary Agnes Fitzgibbon founds the Canadian Women's Historical Society of Toronto

1894 - Robert Simpson Co. store in Toronto is destroyed by fire Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanogan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

Births 1894:
1894 - Born Pauline Boutal 1894-1992) artist & theatre designer/director
1894 -
Born Lovedy Josephine Campbell Scott (1894-1980) lawyer
1894 - Born Vega Dawson (1894- 1988) Order of the British Empire (OBE) for war services
1894 - Born Allie Vibert Douglas (1894-1988) she was Dean of Women at Queen's University & an international lecturer in astronomy
1894 - Born Florence Jessie Murray (1894-1975) Presbyterian medical missionary in Asia who was decorated by King of Denmark for her service
1894 - Born Phyllis Munday
(1894-1990.)  one of the 1st women to reach the summit of Mount Robson, & early Girl Guide organizer
1894 - Born Aileen Powers-Peel (1894-1918) nurse in World War l

1894 - Born Mona Gordon Wilson (1894-1981) known as the Florence Nightingale of  St. John's, Newfoundland
April 9, 1894 - Born Cecilia Krieger (1894-1974) noted mathematician
May 6, 1894 - Born Helen Alice Kinnear (1894-1970) 1st woman to plead a case before the Supreme Court of Canada
May 28, 1894 -
Born Beatrice Lillie, (1894-1989) outstanding comedic actress of her era
June 4, 1894  - Born Mary Travers (La Bolduc) (1894-1941) popular vocalist & composer of her era
August 1894 - Born Gladys Muriel Porter (1894-1967) 1st woman elected to the Nova Scotia Provincial Legislature
September 5, 1894 -
Born Lydia Emélie Gruchy (1894-1992) in 1936 she became 1st woman ordained as a minister in the United Church of Canada
December 15, 1894 -
Born Allie Vibert Douglas (1894-1988) 1st woman in Canada to graduate with a PhD in astrophysics

Deaths 1894:
July 27, 1894 - Died
Louisa Annie Murray (1818-1894) author
1895 1895 - The Yukon becomes a provisional district separate from the Northwest Territories

1895 - A suffrage association is formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but is short lived and not heard from after its initial inauguration Source: Janet Ray, Towards Women’s Rights, Toronto, Grolier Ltd, 1981.  

1895 - The Toronto School Board will not hire married women nor women over 30 years of age Source: Canadian Chronology (accessed April 28, 2003)

1895 -
Helen Mary 'Marie' Grant (1843-1907) of British Columbia is appointed as the 1st women school trustee in Canada

1895 - The Law Society of Upper Canada admits women as barristers

1895 - A loaf of bread costs 5 cents and fabric sold for 25 cents a yard

1895 - Pearl Smith Chute (1975-????) is the 1st woman doctor to intern in Canada. She marries and becomes a Medical Missionary to India Source: The Indomitable Lady Doctors by Carlotta Hacker, Clarke Irwin, 1974).

1895 - The Toronto Camera Club debates opening it membership to women. Women were finally accepted as members. Most other camera clubs in Canada were already accepting women as members Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

1895 -
Some women teachers in Toronto while riding bicycles to school chose to wear bloomers…long loose trousers gathered tightly at the ankle and worn under a short skirt. This initiated the Toronto Bloomer Scandal when a school board member made a motion to report the names of all female teachers who wore such male attire. The motion was defeated!!! Source: Janet Ray, Towards Women’s Rights, Toronto, Grolier Ltd, 1981.  

1895 - The Women's Medical College, Toronto & the Kingston Women's Medical College form the Ontario Medical College for Women (1895-1905) Source: A history of Women's College (Accessed February 2006)

1895 - A suffrage association is formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but is short lived & not heard from after its initial inauguration Source: Janet Ray, Towards Women’s Rights, Toronto, Grolier Ltd, 1981.  

1895 - The Roberts Simpson Co. rebuilds its store that was destroyed by fire. The new store is built with a "fireproof" frame of concrete-clad steel Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

March 1895 - Maria Pollard-Grant (1854-1937) is appointed the 1st woman school trustee for the City of Victoria and for British Columbia  Source: British Columbia Federation of Labour.

November 19, 1895 - The Women's Canadian Historical Society of Toronto is organized

Births 1895:
1895 - Born Marguerete Martha Allan (1895-1942) amateur dramatist
1895 - Born Margaret Iris Duley (1895-1968) 1st woman author to be recognized outside province of Newfoundland
1895 - Born Emma Gendron (18951952/3) journalist, playwright, screenwriter, & author
1895 -
Died Amelia Clothilda Jennings (????-1895) poet & novelist

1895 - Born  Pearl McCarthy, (1895-1964) journalist and art critic
1895 -
Born Marjorie McKenzie (1895-1957) one of the 1st women to become a Foreign Service Officer in Canada
1895 -
Born Mary McNulty (1895-1972) 1st woman to practice Law in the city of Ottawa, & was involved in Peel County, Ontario politics
1895 - Born Rosa L. Shaw (1895-1981) journalist
1895 -
Born Dora Olive Thompson (1895-1934) author of books for young readers
1895 -
Born Ester Isabelle Clark Wright (1895-1990) Maritime academic
1895 - Born Wanda Wyatt (1895-1998) social activist & volunteer
February 4, 1895 - Born Cairine Wilson (1895-1962) 1st woman appointed to the Canadian Senate
March 18, 1895 - Born Grace MacLennan Grant Campbell (1895-1963) award winning novelist
May 15, 1895 - Born Elsie Bell Gardner (1895-1994) author of the Maxie books for girls in the 1930's & 1940's
May 26, 1895 - Born Dorothy Steeves (1895-1978) social activist & Member of British Columbia Legislature 1934-1945

May 29, 1895 -
Born Esther Marjorie Hill  (1895-1985) 1st woman architect in Canada
June 7, 1895 - Born Lida Bell Pearson Sturdy (1895-1987) on November 3, 1921 became the 1st woman lawyer in Preston Ontario with her own practice.
June 20, 1895 - Born Elizabeth Pauline MacCallum (1895-1985), diplomat
September 1895 - Born Faustina Adelaide Kelly-Cook (1895-1979) a Physician & tireless volunteer

Deaths 1895:
Died "Ruthie" Lucie Blackburn (1804-1895) escaped slave & person of national historic significance

1895 - Died Amelia Clotilda Jennings ( -1895) poet
February 12, 1895 - Died Joanna Harrington, Sister Mary Benedicta (1845-1895) Mother Superior of her convent

1896 February 18, 1896 - The local Women’s Christian Temperance Union, with the help of the Women’s Equality Association, staged a satirical mock parliament, in which an all-female parliament debated whether men should be granted the right to vote. The event took place in Toronto’s Allen Gardens with Dr. Emily Stowe (1831-1903) playing the role of the Premier and her daughter Augusta Stowe (1857-1943) playing the role of the provincial attorney general.

March 6, 1896 - Queen's University ,Kingston, Ontario, women's hockey team, The Morning Glories defeat the Blues and Blacks of the Ladies College with a score of 2-1. This is perhaps the 1st college women's hockey game. Women's ice hockey teams are also formed at McGill University and in the Ottawa Valley .Source "Old Time Hockey Rebels: the Love-Me-Littles of Queen's University." by Dirk Hoag. On The Forecheck On line Accessed January 2013.

April 23, 1896 -
The National Sanitarium Association holds it inaugural meeting in Toronto, Ontaio.

1896 -
The 1st Home Economics courses in Canadian Public Schools begin in Hamilton, Ontario after intensive lobbying of the National Council of Women in Canada Source: Herstory: the Canadian Women's Calendar (Silver anniversary edition) 2000. Coteau Books, 1999 page 30.

August 16, 1896 - Gold is discovered in the Canadian Klondike

1896 -
Lillian Frances Massey (married name Treble) (1854-1915) started the Kitchen Garden at the Fed Victor Mission , Toronto. offering gardening along with cooking and sewing classes for youth from the surrounding slums Source: Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Online (Accessed January 2013)

1886 - Mary Dignam (1857-1938) arranges for 16 women artists to hand paint the Canadian state dinner service to be used at Rideau Hall Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

1896 - Hannah Maynard (1834-1918) becomes an official photographer for the Victoria Police Department
Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

1896 - Johnson and Johnson Company  introduces the world's 1st disposable sanitary napkin pad, however this 1st introduction is a market failure because modesty prohibits people from talking about the product Source : Canuck Chicks and Maple Leaf Mamas : women of the Great White North by Ann Douglas Toronto, McArthur and Co., 2002.

1896 - The Hudson Bay Company in Winnipeg, Manitoba publishes their 1st mail-order catalogue Source: Before e-commerce : a history of mail order catalogues December 2004.

1896 -
Motion pictures are 1st shown in Canada in the city of Montreal.
Source: Important Moments in Canadian Art History compiled by Dr. Robert J. Belton,  University of British Columbia, Okanagan Creative Projects (accessed February 2006)

Births 1896:
1896 -
Born Nora Bateson (1896-1956) librarian & professor at McGill University
1896 - Born Aileen Isabel Bicknell (1896-1943) early Canadian woman lawyer
1896 -
Born Julia Crawford (1896-1968) artist & teacher
1896 -
Born Sarah (Nini) Fischer (1896-1975) internationally renowned soprano, an honorary member of the Royal College of Music in London, England
1896 -
Born Jane Gray (1896-1984) early radio broadcaster.
1896 - Born Prudence Heward (1896-1947) acclaimed figure painter
1896 - Born Lilias Torrance Newton (1896-1980) artist
1896 - Born Kathleen May Redman Strange (1896-1968) author
February 11, 1896 - Born Rebecca 'Becky' Buhay (1896-1953) a radical political organizer
February 23, 1896 - Born Adeline Ruth Boswell (1896-1979) music teacher &  historian she restored the Boswell homestead in PEI as a community resource
March 7, 1896 - Born Ada / Aida Maud Boyer McAnn Flemming (1896- 1994) social activist, writer, teacher & animal welfare advocate
March 8, 1896 -
Born Charlotte Whitton (1896-1975) social activist, politician, & 1st woman to become mayor of a large urban centre in Canada (Ottawa)
July 5, 1896 - Born Mary Eileen Abbott (1896-1980) Manitoba community volunteer
July 10, 1896 - Born Thérèse Casgrain (1896-1981) social activist, feminist & 1st individual Canadian woman to appear on Canadian money
( $50.00 bill 2004) 
July 27, 1896 - Born Anne Douglas Savage ( 1896-1971) pioneer educator & artist
August 5, 1896 - Born
Gwendda Dorothy Owen Davies (1896-1988) concert pianist & teacher of music
August 15, 1896 - Born Catherine de Hueck Doherty (1896 1985)  founder of Madonna House, Cumbermere, Ontario.
October 2, 1896 -
Born Jessie Louise Beattie (1896-1895) poet & novelist member of the City of Cambridge (Ontario) Hall of Fame 
November 3, 1896 - Born Madeleine Alberta Fritz (1896-1990) paleontologist.
November 23, 1896 -
Born Bessie T. Pullan-Singer (1896-  ???) physician, perhaps 1st Jewish woman doctor in Canada
November 24, 1886 -
Born Hortense Crompton Gordon (1886-1961) early Canadian abstract artist
December 17, 1896
- Born Enid Finley Gordon (!896-1974) pioneer of physiotherapy being recognized as a profession

Deaths 1896:
September 10, 1896 - Died
Kate M. Buckland (1826?-1896) stage actor

1897 February 2, 1897  - Clara Brett Martin (1874-1923) becomes the 1st woman admitted to the Bar in Ontario making her the 1st female lawyer in Canada and the 1st woman to enter the profession of law in the British Empire

February 19, 1897 - The 1st Women's Institute meets at Stoney Creek, Ontario. Within a few years the movement spread across Canada and around the world

June 1897 - The National Council of women holds its annual meeting in Halifax. Lady Aberdeen, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair, (1857-1939) and American suffragist Mary Wright Sewell were among the women who made presentations at the event Source: History, Local Council of Women Halifax (Accessed January 2016)

1897 - Lady Aberdeen, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair, (1857-1939) established he Victorian Order of Nurses to serve sparsely populated communities

1897 - Medola de Sola founded the National Council of Jewish Women in Toronto. It is the oldest Jewish women's organization in Canada

1897 -
 The Ontario School Act is amended permitting School Boards to provide elementary grade instruction for children from five years of age and permission to offer kindergarten for three to five year olds. The Act also included kindergarten as a teaching specialty in Normal Schools (Teacher’s colleges) in Toronto and Ottawa

1897 - Artist and portrait painter Sophie Pemberton (1869-1959) is the 1st Canadian to receive the Prix Julian from the Académie Julian in Paris, France Source:  Important moments in Canadian History http;;/  ( accessed May 2002)

1897 - Woodward's, a large department store in Vancouver issues 1st mail-order catalogue Source: Before e-commerce : a history of mail order catalogues December 2004.

1897 - Hannah Maynard (1834-1918) becomes an official photographer for the Victoria, British Columbia Police Department Source:  Important moments in Canadian history (accessed May 2002)

October 1897 - The Ewart Missionary Training Home for Presbyterian Women Missionaries is opened in Toronto, Ontario

Births 1897:
1897 -
Born Ruth Addison (1897-2005) in 1957 the 1st woman appointed as member of the Civil Service Commission
1897 -
Born Katherine Banham (1897-1995) 1st woman to earn a PhD from the University of Montreal
1897 -
Born Margaret Bennie (1897-1988) former president of the Federation of Women Teachers Association, an educator of note
1897 - Born Victoria Chung (Cheung) (1897-1966) Canadian medical doctor who helped modernize medicine in China

1897 -
Born Alix Goolden (1897-1988) founder of Victoria Conservatory of Music

1897 -
Born  Vera Cryderman (1897-1969) accomplished artist who worked in several medium helped establish Visual Arts in colleges
1897? - Born Vera Alexandra Robinson (1897?-1979) early Canadian law librarian.
1897 - Born Mattie Rotenberg (1897- 989) in 1926 she was 1st woman & 1st Jew to earn a PhD in physics at the University of Toronto
January 15, 1897 - Born Mazo de la Roche (1879-1961) author of the famous Jelna series
February 19, 1897-Born Elizabet 'Lizzie' von Rummel (1897-1980) businesswoman, environmentalist and mountaineer
February 25, 1898 -
Born Camille Bernard (1090-1984) opera singer
March 9, 1897 -
Born Nora Frances Henderson (1897-1949) 1st woman elected to Hamilton, Ontario's city council
June 22, 1897 -
Born Anna Gertrude Lawson Cheney (1897-1985) portrait painter & the 1st medical artist in British Columbia
August 6, 1897 -  Emily Elizabeth Beavan (1897- ??) author, poet & teacher
September 5, 1897 - Born Alexa Stirling Fraser (1897-1977) Canadian golfing champion
December 16, 1897  -
Born Dorothy Bruce Garbutt (1897-1988) journalist & historian, host of the CBC program "Houses I have known"

Deaths 1897:
June 17, 1897 -
Jane Ann Saunders-Nesbit (1844-1897) 'Ship-bride and businesswoman in British Columbia

1898 1898 - In Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario normal schools (Teacher's Colleges) include courses so that women teachers have knowledge of the educational value of Domestic Sciences (Home Economics) Source: Herstory: the Canadian Women's Calendar 2000 (Silver anniversary edition) . Coteau Books, 1999 page 30.

1898 - Adelaide Hoodless (1857-1910) publishes her 1st book, Public School Domestic Science, the 1st book of its kind in Canada

1898 - Kathleen “Kit” Coleman (1864-1915)  boards a boat in Florida & lands in Cuba as the world’s 1st woman war correspondent (during  the Spanish American War)

1898 - Clementina Trenholme Fessenden (1843-1918) gains acceptance of her work as the 1st EMPIRE DAY celebration (May 24 holiday) is held in a school in Dundas, Ontario

1898 - The Woman's Canadian Historical Society of Ottawa is formed. It is the forerunner of the Ottawa Historical Society (renamed 1956) The organization is founded to increase the public knowledge of the history of Ottawa Source: Ottawa Historical Society Online (Accessed July 2011)

Births 1898:
1898 - Born Corinne Bernard (1898-1939) a community social activist & volunteer in Manitoba
1898 -
Born  Ellen Ballon (1898-1969)
child prodigy & internationally renowned pianist
1898 - Born 
Marjorie Brook (1898-1988) hospital administrator
April 3, 1898 - Born Mary Elizabeth Kinnear (1898-1991) Member of Senate of Canada 1967-1973
April 12, 1898 - Born Helen Maude Dallas (1898-1993) singer sang to troop during the war
April 25, 1898- Died Maria Louisa Angwin (1849-1898) 1st woman licensed medical doctor in Nova Scotia
May 4, 1898 -
Born Sister Ellen Mary Cullen (1898-1994) teacher & local historian

August 4, 1898 - Born Yvonne McKague Housser (1898-1996) artist
August 4, 1898 - Born Elizabeth Carmichael Monk (1898-1980) one of four women who were the 1st to be called to the Quebec Bar
August 10, 1898 - Born Albertine Lapensee (1898-???) pioneer star of ladies hockey
November 22, 1898 -
Born Evelina Adams (1898-??  ) her biography provides a glimpse into lives of student nurses in Word War1 era

Deaths 1898:
Died 1898 -
Mary Abbott (1823-1898) wife of Prime Minister John Joseph Abbott (1821-1893)
Died 1898 -
Margaret Dixon McDougall (1826? -1898) author & poet
May 25, 1898 - Died
Marie Angèle Gauthier(1828-1898) author & teacher, she taught aboriginal people in Duncan BC, knitting of Cowichan sweaters
September 4, 1898 - Died
Sarah Emma Evelyn Edmonds (1841-1898) army nurse & spy in the American Civil War
November 5, 1898  - Died Mary Electra Adams (1823-1898) educator, writer & published author. National Historic Person

November 6, 1898 - Died Sarah Anne Curzon (1883-1898) respected playwright
November 18,  1898 - Died Sarah Anne Curzon, (1833-1898) champion of Canadian women's rights & author

1899 January 1, 1899 - 2 cent postage will pay to have a letter delivered anywhere in the British Empire

January 20, 1899 -
The Sons of Freedom Doukabors lad in Halifax. The eventually settle on the West coast of Canada

1899 - Wages and cost of Living for Women Workers in Ontario for one year $216.71 Yearly Cost of Living including clothing, lodging and board $214.28 leaving a surplus of $2.43 Source: Ontario Bureau of Industries.

Births 1899:
1899 -
Born Agnes Watts (1899-1989) west coast philanthropist
1899 -
Born Gladys Powers (1988-2008) last surviving World War I veteran 2008
1899 -
Born Nora Ellen Dunwoody (1899-1988)
she was known for establishing gift shops as fund raisers for hospital auxiliaries
1899 -
Born Mary Emma Quayle Innis (1899-1972) noted economic historian and educator
1899 -
Born Constance Woodrow (1899-1937) author
January 29, 1899 - Born Leila Wightman (1899-1976) 1st Canadian woman to own and run a telephone company (1947)
February 7, 1899- Born Helen Bernard McCall (1899-1957) pioneer photographer in British Columbia who left a rich legacy of her works
April 30, 1899 - Born Margaret McTavish Konantz (1899-1967) international welfare organizer
May 26, 1899  - Born Muriel McQueen Fergusson (1899-1997) member of the Canadian Senate
September 5, 1899 - Born
Helen Mary Creighton (1899-1989) distinguished folklorist
November 6, 1899 - Born Aileen Motley Doerksen (1899-1971) teacher & community volunteer
November 30, 1899 - Born Edna May Diefenbaker (1899-1951) wife of John George Diefenbaker (1895-1979) 13th Prime Minister of Canada. Note: some sources report her birth date as 1901

Deaths 1899:
January 3, 1899 -
Died Anne Molson (1824-1899) philanthropist, wife of John Molson (1763-1836) brewer & entrepreneur
May 2, 1899 - Died Fanny Bendixen (1820-1899)  who ran boarding houses & saloon in Cariboo region of British Columbia during 1860-1890's gold rush
September 12, 1899 - Died
Margaret Lawrence (1926-1987) award winning author
October 22, 1899 - Died Margaret Moran Dixon MacDougall/McDougall (1828-1899) poet, journalist, & author

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