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Margaret Fehr

Born 1961, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Margaret was forced to quit school after grade eight to help support her family. This did not stop her from learning and educating herself. She started working as a chambermaid and has even worked as a butcher. She learned and then taught ballroom dancing. She is currently and inventor and is skilled in product development, production, marketing and sales. She has invented and developed an aroma therapy training for dogs.

Wendy Murphy


Born November 29. ????  President of Wendy W. Murphy Enterprises Inc. Wendy designed and developed the world’s first evacuation stretcher for infants, the WEEVACS6. The idea for this amazing stretcher came to Wendy as she witnessed the 1985 earthquake rescues in Mexico. The device is made of lightweight aluminium and fire resistant materials. The first stretchers were sold to the Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto, in 1987. The WEEVAC Line of innovative equipment is used by hospitals, nursing homes and chronic long term care facilities. The WEEVACS'  won the Manning Award for Innovation and the National Research Council of Canada’s Award for Outstanding Innovativeness in Medical Device Technology. ORTECH International presented Wendy with the Joseph Flavelle Award. Wendy is also proud to be a busy single mother with one son. Sources: Kidsdomain :   Inventions (accessed October 2011)  WEEVAC  web site : personal information provided by Wendy Murphy

Ellanore Jane Parker SEE - Medical Professionals - Nurses
Susan Olivia Poole

Indigenous Inventor

Related imagenée Davis. Born April 18, 1889, Devil's Lake, North Dakota, U.S.A. Died October 10, 1975, British Columbia. She grew up on the White Earth Indian Reservation in Minnesota, U.S.A.  She was a talented pianist and she studied music at Brandon College in Manitoba.  She married Delbert Poole and with the birth of her 1st child in 1910 she combined traditional native design and modern technology to produce her invention of the Jolly Jumper for pre toddler babies. She originally used a broom handle for a suspension bar, a cloth diaper for a harness and she had a blacksmith create a soft-action steel spring. Olivia used this device for each of her seven children. The family settled in British Columbia in 1942 and she was soon making her jumper for her grandchildren. In the 1950's she and her husband began manufacturing her invention which would become a must for all young families. In 1957 she had the Jolly Jumper patent no. 568 775. By 1959 they had a manufacturing factory in North Vancouver and were sending supplies of their product throughout North America, Great Britain, and Australia. The portable device which could be attached to any door way in any home was improved over the years to accommodate health concerns in growing babies.

Edith Evelyn Turner SEE- Medical Professionals - Nurses
Rachel Zimmerman

This inventor began her career when she was only twelve year old. She invented a computer program which uses Blissymbols. These are the symbols which allow non-speaking people to communicate by pointing to specific symbols on a pare or board. Using a touch-sensitive board connected to a computer the message is translated into a language that allows the originator to communicate to people beyond view of the Bliss board. Rachel began her work for a school science fair and it ended up in a World Exhibition of Achievement of Young inventors in Bulgaria!! She is also the winner of a YTV Achievement Award for Innovation. The system can now be used in many different languages and voice output has been added.

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