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June 1 Alanis Morissette.  Born Ottawa, Ontario 1974. As a child in Ottawa she liked to sing, dance, and act. She took dance lessons at 7, began writing songs at 9, and played in a TV series on Canadian TV (“You Can’t Do That on Television”) at 11. Her first album is “Alanis” released in 1991. She has won awards and produced “Jagged Little Pill” before moving to Brentwood California.
June 2 June Callwood. Born Chatham, Ontario. 1924.  A prominent magazine writer in the 1950's. In the 1960's she became an activist for such social causes as homeless youth and drug addicts.  She became an Officer in the Order of Canada in 1986.
  Carol Ann Shields. Born Oak Park Illinois, U.S.A. 1935. Died July 16, 2003. A writer and professor she is also Chancellor at the University of Manitoba.  The busy mother of 5 children, this writer won the National Book Critics Circle Award, Governor General’s Award for Literature, The Booker Award and the Pulitzer Prize for her novels.  Along with writing novels and biographies, she has also written 5 plays.
June 3 Flora Isabel MacDonald.  Born Sydney, Nova Scotia 1926.  After having worked several years behind the scenes of the Progressive Conservative Party she was elected  Member of Parliament for Kingston and the islands in 1972. In the Clark Government 1979-1980 she became the first woman to hold a major cabinet post as secretary of State for External Affairs.  She would later serve in the Mulroney Cabinet as Minister of Employment and Immigration.
June 4 Sandra Post. Born Oakville, Ontario 1948. She became Canada’s 1st woman professional golfer in 1968 and won the Ladies Professional Golf Association Championship at Sutton Massachusetts that same year. In 1979 she was Canada’s Athlete of the Year.
  Marie (Mary)-Rose-Anne Travers. Born Newport, Gaspèsie, Quebec 1894. Died February 20, 1941. She is best known as LA BULDUC. She would become Canada's premier chansonère (singer), composing and singing songs of ordinary daily life of Quebec. She is a legend in her home province. Canada Post issued
a stamp in her honour in 1994. There is a museum exhibit in her home town of Newport. 


June 5 Margaret Hollingsworth.  Born London, England 1939. She emigrated from England to Canada in 1968 where she attended a University in Ontario before moving to British Columbia for post graduate studies. She is a notable playwright. Five of her plays were collected and published in 1985 in the book Willful Acts. 
June 6 Anne-Claire Poirier. Born St-Hyacinthe, Quebec 1932. A film director and producer, she joined the National Film Board in 1960.  Her efforts allowed female film producers their first organized platform for expression.
  Joy Nozomi Kogawa. Born Vancouver, British Columbia 1935. This busy mother of two had previously worked as a writer in the Prime Minister's Office. She is known for her novels, children's books, poetry and essays, which have been published in Canada and in Japan. She is also an activist. She was instrumental in influencing the Canadian government in their settlement with Japanese Canadians for loss of liberty and property in Canada during World War ll.  She is a member of the Order of Canada.
June 7 Margaret Anchoretta Ormsby.  Born Quesnel, British Columbia 1909. She did her university studies in both Canada and the United States. She returned to teach history at the University of British Columbia where she was appointed head of the history department from 1965 to 1974. She produced several works which enlighten readers on the history of British Columbia. She was a major contributor to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.  She would also serve as President of the Canadian Historical Association.  She is a member of the Royal Society of Canada, a member of the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada. 
June 8 Cathy Townsend. Born 1937.  In 1975 she was the first Canadian woman to win the Bowling Cup. During her trip to these world games her equipment and clothing were lost in transit and she had to obtain a new bowling ball and special shoes required for a left handed bowler!  She is a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.
June 9 Louise Maheux-Forcier.  Born 1929.  In 1963 her first novel was awarded the Prix du Cercle du livre de France.  She wrote of the then critical theme of lesbianism. She continued to write novels and branched out to short stories and scripts for films for TV.
June 10 Françoise Sullivan (Married name Ewan) Born Montreal, Quebec 1925. This artist was part of the famous Automatists group of Montreal.  As well as her art, she pursued a career in dance after studying in New York City.  After her marriage in 1949 she started a family and found it more difficult to keep up her successful dance career.  She turned her artistic talents to welded metal sculptures.  She created a monumental sculpture for Expo 67 in Montreal. Plexiglas was her next medium of choice. By 1980 she returned to expressing her artistic talents in her painting. 
June 11 Mary Leslie.  Born Leslie's Corners, Upper Canada (Ontario) June 11, 1842. Died March 1, 1920. Like many of the well to do pre- Confederation well to do families in Canada, her family sent her to Europe to tour. While she was in Holland she continued her studies in art. However it is her writings that would remain her legacy. She would publish some three books including Historical Sketches of Scotland (Toronto, 1905)
June 12 Camilla Scott.  Born Toronto, Ontario 1962. A childhood dream of becoming a dancer helped propel this native Torontonian to fame as an actress, singer and noted talk show host.  She worked on soap operas in Los Angeles, then returned home and kept busy acting in a variety of guest spots on television shows and a couple of movies. However, it is her own talk show. Her role in Due South has all of her career attention now.
June 13 Jean Adair.  Born Hamilton, Ontario 1873.  Died May 11, 1953. This actress appeared in numerous films in the 1940’s but perhaps she is best remembered as one of the sweet, but murderous aunts in “Arsenic and Old Lace”.
  Jean Jay Macpherson. Born June 13, 1931. Died March 21, 2012, Toronto, Ontario. When Jay was 9 she was a ‘war guest’ in Newfoundland. This was a term used for British evacuee children who were sent from Britain for their safety during World War ll. In 1944 the while family settled in Ottawa, Ontario. She earned her BA from Carlton University, Ottawa in 1951. While still a student at Carleton she had some of her poems published in the Canadian magazine Contemporary in 1949. After achieving her BA she went on to University College in London for post Graduate studies prior to earning her PhD from the University of Toronto. She also earned a post graduate Bachelor of Library Science. In 1952 her 1st published work Nineteen Poems appeared. In 1954 Jay began her own small press, Emblem Books. Her most popular work, The Boatman, was a series of 80 poems published in 1957 garnered the 1958 Governor General’s Award for Poetry. From 1997 through 1996 Jay taught English at Victoria College at the University of Toronto becoming a full professor in 1974. Her works also earned her the E.J. Prat Medal for poetry and the Levinson. Source: Jay Macpherson Poet and Teacher, Victoria University Archives Online (Accessed January 2012)
  Barbara G. Stymiest. Born 1956 This businesswoman held the Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Nesbit Burns Inc. from 1992 to 1999. It was during this time that she was the first woman to be Governor of the Toronto Stock Exchange. In 1999 she became President of the Toronto Stock Exchange! In 2000 she was on the top 10 list of Canadian businesswomen presented by the National Post. 
June 14 Rena Maude McLean.  Born Souris, Prince Edward Island 1879.  Died June 27, 1918. Her nickname was Bird. She graduated Halifax Ladies College and then studied nursing in the U.S. She enlisted in the Canadian medical Corps in 1914.  She died in service at sea in 1918. The FIVE SISTERS window in York Minister England, is dedicated to the 3,000 women of the Empire who sacrificed their lives in WW I.  Her name is included.
  Olga Alexandrova Kulikovsky (née Romanof) Born 1882. Died November 24, 1960.Grand Duchess of Russia and sister to Czar Nicholas. She was saved from being executed with the rest of the Russian Royal family in 1917 because she had decided to become a nurse and was working with the wounded. She and her husband narrowly escaped, first living in exile in Denmark, England and finally in 1948 they immigrated to Canada. Here she was a farmer's wife leading a very ordinary  life compared to the lavish upbringing she had a  young girl. She enjoyed painting and actually had a showing in of her art works in Toronto in the 1950's. 
June 15 Lola Lemire Tostevin.  Born 1937. This bilingual author has produced books in both of Canada's official languages.  Her command of her second language, English, can be seen in her poetic publications.  Her poems and novels express feelings of life experiences such as pregnancy and birth as well as loss of immediate family members in death. 
June 16 Sarah Margaret Armor Robertson.  Born Montreal, Quebec 1891. Died December 6, 1948.  This artist became a member of a group of women painters of Montreal who would study with the top Canadian painters of the day.  She would be a colleague of the members of the famous Group of Seven but her approach to art was different and individualistic.
June 17 Anna Marion Hilliard.  Born 1902.Died July 15, 1958.  In 1947 this medical doctor helped develop a simplified Pap test, which is used to detect cancer in adult women.  She specialized in a commonsense approach to childbirth problems and authored a book “A Woman Doctor Looks at Love and Life”. (1957) After her death a second book “Women and Fatique” was published.
  Geraldine Sherman. This Canadian journalist and short story writer has had her works published in Saturday Night magazine, Toronto Life magazine and the Globe and Mail  and  Ottawa Citizen newspapers. She has had a career as a radio producer for the Canadian Broadcasting  Corporation and as a town planner. She first had dreams about visiting Japan when she was 14. It took thirty years before her dream would come true. She has written about her experience in Japan Diaries : A travel memoir (McAuthur & Co. 1999. )
June 18 Ester Evalyn Sera Owen Bowen. Born 1911. Died 1999. She left her native Wales to go to theatre in London and later, while working in a touring theatre, she would be introduced to Canada.  She immigrated to Canada in 1956 and found work in Montreal acting and writing. It would however be Nova Scotia that she chose to live. In 1967 she was appointed Artistic Advisor for the Nova Scotia Centennial celebration.  She organized and directed the first all Negro drama group in Canada. She wrote plays, directed and taught drama to the youth of her chosen home province. To learn more about this talented woman read Great Dames, edited by Elspeth Cameron and Janice Dickin, [Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1997].
  Hon. Rose-Marie Losier-Cool.  Born 1937. A teacher by profession, she entered into politics by serving on several provincial and federal committees including the Committee on the Status of Women. She was Teacher of the Year in New Brunswick and was appointed to the Senate of Canada in 1995. 
  Shirley Cheechoo. (Stage name Cactus Rose). Born 1952. She is an artist, actor, writer, director, singer and a producer who has been successful in reaching back to her native roots for inspiration. She has participated in several exhibitions of her art work of acrylic, oils and mixed medium on canvas and stained glass. Her works have been used for Christmas cards by both UNICEF and Amnesty International. She has appeared in film, TV, radio and theater productions. In 1995 Laurentian University gave her an Honorary Doctorate. 
June 19 Helen Chan. Born 1947. This physician has been a main stay as pediatric oncologist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto from 1979. She also serves as a professor of pediatrics at the University of Toronto. 
  Renée Elaine Elio. Born June 19,1955. A graduate of Yale University, she earned her Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University in 1981.  She is an Associate professor of Computing Science at the University of Alberta. She is the author and co-author of numerous articles in the fields of cognitive psychology, cognitive science and artificial intelligence. She is a member of the Canadian Society of Computational Studies Intelligence. Sources: Canadian Who's Who (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997)
  Anna Van Der Kamp. Born Abbotsford, British Columbia 1972.  This young athlete competed for Canada in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games in rowing where she earned a silver medal. She gained prominence in her sport in 1993 when she was Female Crew of the Year. 
June 20 Elizabeth Pauline MacCallum.  Born 1895. Died June 12, 1985.  She joined the Department of External Affairs in 1942 and was an advisor in 1945 and the founding of the United Nations.  In 1954 she was chargé d’affairs in Beirut, the first woman to head a Canadian foreign mission.  Upon retirement she began to write on the Middle East.
  Anne Murray.  Born Springhill, Nova Scotia 1945.  She has sung her way into the hearts of fans all over the world.  She has record sale of over 25,000,000, 4 Grammies, 32 Juno Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. All of these things make her the most successful female recording artist in the history of Canadian entertainment.  She has been inducted into the Juno Hall of Fame, and is a Companion of the Order of Canada. She is the mother of 2 children.  I wonder if their mother sang them to sleep when they were little?
June 21 Jeannette Vivian Lavell (née Corbiere) Born Wikwemikong, Ontario 1942. A person "dedicated to the causes of native women for more than a quarter of a century, ...she is a courageous woman who fought to improve their plight and proved that one person's voice can make a difference" You can read about her fight for native women to retain their birth right of legal Native Status on the web site "Celebrating Women's Achievements" from the National Library of Canada.
http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/digiproj/women/women99/lavell-e.htm .
 She is currently a teacher, living on Manatoulin Island, Ontario
June 22 Denyse Julien.  Born 1960.  Her passion is badminton. She has been enthusiastic about her sport since she was 12 years old.  She represented Canada on the Olympic team in 1992 and 1996.  She was National singles Champion in 1993, Badminton's Athlete of the year in 1995 when she won 3 gold medals in the Pan American games.  She has held several Canadian National title over the years but feels her biggest accomplishment is still being enthusiastic about her sport. 
June 23 Norah Urquhart Born June 23, 1918 Died Pickering, Ontario March 13, 2009. Norah married Dr. Fred Urquhart in 1945 and the couple moved to Highland Creek in Scarborough, Ontario where Son Doug was born. A zoologist with the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto, Fred had an avocation for the Monarch Butterfly. With very little support the couple began a tagging program from their home to learn where the Monarch butterfly’s of Ontario went each winter. Eventually joined volunteers, it was Norah who answered all enquiries and posted a newsletter to all involved. She attended to public relations including writing an article for a Mexican newspaper in 1972. The article was read by a future volunteer and by 1975 the first Mexican valley of the Monarch’s was located. The couple’s work is considered the entomological discovery of the 20th Century. These pioneers had their work recognized with investiture into the Order of Canada in 1998. Sources: The Star.com “couples home was butterfly ground zero” (accessed June 2009); Inside Toronto.ca “Norah Urquhart, a pioneer in Monarch Butterfly research”. (accessed June 2009) ; Information was also supplied by Donald Davis, Toronto, Ontario; also personal knowledge.
June 24 Barbara Ann Underhill.  Born Pembroke, Ontario 1963. With her skating partner, Paul Martini she would win five consecutive Canadian Pairs Championships. In 1984 they won the World Championships on home ice in Ottawa. They turned professional and worked with Ice Capades after their amateur successes. They are both members of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.
June 25 Celia Franca (real name Celia Franks). Born London, England 1921.  Died February 19, 2007. This founding artistic director of the National Ballet of Canada is a strong willed and determined ballet dancer. These are traits needed over the 23 years she helped the young ballet company to succeed.  She was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1967.
  Patricia Bates (née Martin). Born Saint John, New Brunswick 1927. A highly innovative artist, she brought imagination to her artistic prints. Some of her works are two sided! She limits her colours to black, white, and silver and is inspired by the art of the Islamic Middle East and Zen Buddhists. 
June 26 Marian Mildred Dale Scott. Born Montreal, Quebec 1906. Died November 28, 1993. A painter of landscapes she also painted the people of Montreal in the depression era. Her works showed people up against machines and hard times.
  Marion Margaret Cuming. Born 1936.  She would do her post graduate studies in teaching but chose to study art in France, Mexico and Italy before returning to Canada. She has used her artistic talents to help emotionally disturbed children and has worked with Canadian street kids. She has worked closely with UNESCO related activities.  For her personal artistic expression she enjoys drawing Canadian heritage subjects. 
June 27 May Irwin. (Real name Georgina May Campbell) Born Whitby, Ontario 1862. Died October 22, 1938. As early as 1872 she and her sister Flora were singing on stage. Once the sister act split up, May would go on and become a well known Broadway performer. Her movie career was short but historically significant. Thomas Edison, the famous inventor, placed May in the staring role in his pioneering one minute moving picture called The Kiss. It was was considered scandalous by early movie audiences and the clergy! It is considered to be the first moving picture to ever be shown in Canada! May would make only one other movie Mrs. Black is Back before she retired to live with her husband and two children. She is also credited with having named the famous Thousand Island Salad Dressing. She and her family owned a vacation home in the 1000 islands.
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June 28 Marie-Joseph-Angélique. Born circa 1710 Baptized June 28, 1730. She was a black slave who had the misfortune to fall in love with a white man, Claude Thibault. They fled from Canada  to New England. To mask their escape she set fire to her master's house. The fire burnt out of control and 46 homes were destroyed along with the famous Hotel Dieu. She was captured and sentenced to have her hand cut off and be burned alive. The sentence was changed to handing before her body was burned. Her ashes were scattered to the wind.
  Shelagh Dawn Grant. Born 1938. She completed her studies at the University of Western Ontario, and Trent University. A mother of three children she is a professor of History and Canadian Studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. She has written numerous articles for various scholastic journals and reviews and a couple of books on the modern history of government policy. She has been editor of various reviews and co-editor for Federalism in Canada and Australia published in 1989. 
June 29 Thelma Finlayson. Born 1914. She has been Professor Emeritus for the Department of Biological Science at Simon Fraser University since 1979. The Thelma Finlayson Society at the University is named for her. She received an honourary L.L.D. from her university as well. She has written approximately 40 research papers, and several books in entomology.. She has severed as director of the International Organization of Biologists.
  Janice G. Rennie. Born 1957. She describes herself as a self employed financial consultant. She won numerous scholarships and awards for her university studies. She won the Commerce Cup from her peers and in 1980 she won the Provincial gold medal and the national silver medal from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. She is also giving of her time and talents to her community having worked with the YMCA and the United Way campaigns. She is married and mother of two children. 
June 30 Joyce Wieland.  Born Toronto, Ontario 1931. Died June 27, 1998.  This artist had her first exhibition in 1960. She went to New York City with her husband and experimented with films.  She took her inspiration from Canadian history, politics and ecology.  Her artistic works covered a multitude of media from canvas, quilting, and embroidery to film.
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