In January 2004  I was appointed Chancellor of Trent University.  I grant graduates the educational degrees for which they have studied.  One of my favorite foods is "Girl Guide cookies"! In January 1992 I took my cookies and the Girl Guide flag into space when I became Canada's first woman in space.
My name is: R __ __ E __ T __      B __ N  D __  __

I skate in the Ice Capades. In the 1988 Olympics I won a silver medal for Canada in figure skating. The  Sportsplex, in Orleans, Ontario has a skating rink named after me.
My name is: __ L __ Z __ __ E __ __      M __ N __ __ Y

I was from Nova Scotia. I was a journalist, an author, an historian and a broadcaster. I  always  worked to help the cause of misplaced people in Canada. I was deeply honoured when I received the Order of Canada.
My name is: C __ RR __ E     B __ S T

I was very proud of being a Native Canadian. I loved to write Poetry. I always wore my native Indian dress when I did poetry readings all over the world. I was also known by my Indian name "Tekahionwake"
My name is: P __ U __ __ N __     J __ H __ __ O __

I became well known through politics. I was the first woman to be Minister of Justice for Canada. I was the the first woman to be appointed Canadian Minister of National Defense and Veterans Affairs in 1990.   I became the first woman to lead the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. In 1993, I  was the first woman to be Prime Minister in Canada.
My name is: K __ M    C __ __ P __ __ L L

I studied the stars. Maybe you have read my book called "The stars belong to everyone". I am the only Canadian woman to have discovered a planet and to have a planet named after me.
My name is: H __ L __ N      __ A __ Y __R     H __ GG

I love my sport of rowing. I was hurt in 1991 in a boating accident.  I worked hard and in 1992 I wore a bandage on my leg but still won a bronze medal in the Olympics.
My name is: S __ LK __ __      L__ UW __ __ N

I was a lawyer and a judge. I became the first woman lawyer to appear as council before the Supreme Court of Canada. My picture has been on a postage stamp.
My name is: H __ L __ N       A __ I __ C __      K __ N __ E__ R

I was born in Prince Edward Island. When I married, I moved to Ontario for awhile. I loved to write books. Have you read any books about a girl named ANNE?
My name is: L __ __ Y     M __ U D     __ O N __ G__ M __ __ Y

I love to sing. Maybe you have heard my songs on your radio. My family lives in Gloucester, Ontario (now Ottawa) . When I began my career I used only used my first name.
My name is: A __ A __ __ S

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