My name is HELEN ALICE KINNEAR. My picture had appeared on a Canadian stamp. I was the first woman in the British Commonwealth to be appointed a country-court judge. I was also the first woman in Canada to appear as counsel before the Supreme Court of Canada in 1935.
I WAS A: L__ __ Y __ R

My name is VERONICA TENNANT. I have written a children's book called On Stage Please, but I am known more for my dancing than anything else. I have been the star of such productions as "Cinderella", "Sleeping Beauty" and the "Nutcracker".
I AM A: B __ __ __ __ T   DANCER.

My name is NANCY GREEN. I live in Rossland, British Columbia where I love the mountains and the snow. In the 1968 Olympics I won the gold medal in the giant slalom event and a silver in the slalom event. I also won the World Cup in my sport. While I no longer do competitions I still love to do my sport.
I WAS A CHAMPION: S__ __ __ R.

My name is Mme JEANNE BENOIT. I loved to write books about my favourite hobby, cooking. My recipes became famous all around the world.
I WAS A: C __ __ __.

My name is CHARLOTTE WHITTON. I believed in social work to help others and set up the Canada Council for Child Welfare. I became the first woman mayor of any Canadian City when I was elected in Ottawa in 1951.
I WAS A: P O L __ T __ __ __ __ N

My name is CARRIE BEST. I live in Nova Scotia. I love to write poetry and stories. I founded the "CLARION", which was a newspaper that was the voice of coloured Nova Scotians by promoting interracial understanding and goodwill.
I AM A: J __ __ R __ __ L I S T

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