1. Thanaelthur - (1697-1717) You may find various spellings for her name depending on the sources used. She was captured by the Cree as a young woman. She escaped and made her way to York Factory, a Hudson Bay Company trading post. She worked for the H B Company negotiating peace treaty between the Chipewyan and the Cree.

2. Chantel Petitclerc. The Canadian Team attending the 1996 Summer Paralympics won a total of 72 medals. Chantal was the track & field star who won 5 gold medals. The differently-abled are also sports stars, and show the heroism of spirit. Their determination is evident each day, but only showcased occasionally. Check out the Canadian Paralympics Committee web site at: http://www.paralympic.ca.

3. Lilian H. Smith created a new "ladies and children's" reading room in 1909. Imagine having no children's no youth books in our libraries? Lilian worked to build the children's department in Toronto Public Library system for 40 years. A modern children's Library in Toronto has her name on the building. Do you ever wonder about the names of buildings? Have the girls think of local buildings, like schools, arenas, etc. Are any of these named after famous women? If not, have the girls suggest names that they would give to a new building.

4. Stephanie Cadman. In the soloist category in the international, Ms Cadman was the only female dancer among the top 5 finalists. The Canadian National Tap Dance Team took the team gold medal in Germany. Are any of the girls in the Guiding unit in dancing of any sort? Do they participate in competitions?

5. Alice Evelyn Wilson born in Coburg in 1881, she spent all of her professional career with the Geological Survey of Canada. She dedicated her life to bringing geology to the general public and especially to children. She died in Ottawa in 1964.

6. Shirley Carr has devoted her life to her strong believe of unions being strong for the workers. She was president of the Canadian Labour Congress from 1986 until her resignation in 1992. The Canadian Labour Congress/Congrès du travail du Canada unites 2.3 million Canadian workers to improve relations with the organizations for whom they work. The CLC-CTC is a strong supporter of action against child labour around the world. To learn more about "the global march against child labour" checkout the CLC-CTC web site at: http://www.clc-ctc.ca

7. Petra Burka, born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1946, held numerous skating titles including 1964 Canadian Championships and a bronze medal in the Olympics for that same year She retained her Canadian title in 1965 and added titles for the North American and World Championships.

8. Lois Meriam Wilson, (nee Freeman), as well as being elected head of the Canadian Council of Churches, became the 1st woman to be Moderator of the United Church of Canada in 1980. She has written several books and since 1991 has been Chancellor of Lakehead University in Thunder Bay Ontario.


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